Saturday, July 22, 2017


Hello everyone! Here is another monthly overview of May :D I feel like i have been saying the same thing but it's really been a while since i last blogged. Really been a while....A long while. I have finally finish my exams so here i am blogging.

11 May 2017, Thursday
This is the day that my Taobao stuffs arrived! I have been shopping at Taobao and bought tons of clothes and shoes. Actually wanted to do a haul blog post but decided to drop that ideas because let's be honest, Fann is extremely lazy. But basically i wore all clothes and shoes that i bought. So far so good! Most of the stuffs i bought is out of stock right now so i didn't bother to link it. Sorry!

12 May 2017, Friday

Went to have dinner with ZiYun and Gillian! As per usual, having Korean bbq.

13 May 2017, Saturday
Woke up super early in the morning because i have to collect my passport. Luckily, my sister and her boyfriend accompany me so you know.....feel less lonely. After that, we went to eat lunch and shop at Bugis. Also, went to pray as well.

20 May 2017, Saturday

Went out with Li Wen to sing karaoke at Bugis. It's been almost a year and finally we met and catch up. Finally able to try the churro at Churro101. Normally i always walk past but never try. Try it because Li Wen tempted me. She was like you sure you really don't want?! So i gave in and bought one for myself. No regret. It was actually pretty good with the chocolate filling. 

More photos:

Grace and me :)


With brother! I remember going out with family to eat Genki Sushi for dinner and then went to Ji De Chi for dessert!

So that's all for the month of May :D Stay tuned for the next blog post because it will be about my Thailand trip or maybe the month of June! :D Bye :D

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Hello human! It's time to update about the month of April! :D

7 April 2017, Friday

Finally went out with ZiYun and Gillian to watch Beauty and the Beast movie! :D Oh my god, the movie was freaking awesome! It was so good!!!! I love the fact that it was kind of musical where they kept singing and involve a little bit of dancing as well! After finished watching the movie, only 1 word can describe the movie, which is beautiful. To the people that have yet to watch, go watch it. You will never regret, trust me! I literally cry while watching it because some parts is so touching and honestly, you will learn about love. 

Anyway, before all that magical thing happens, there was a little mishap for me before i head out. My shoes, spoiled 2 times that day. So i went back home 3 times just to change my shoes. My shoes literally died on me the minute i went downstairs to meet ZiYun. Ended up, i wore sport shoes instead because i know that won't die on me. Poor ZiYun witness the whole thing and have to wait for me extra long. Ended up we can't go anywhere far to watch movie so instead we went somewhere nearer to us. Then, we have Astons for dinner and then later on, we went to Nana's Green Tea for matcha latte. I actually preferred Tsujiri drink options over Nana's Green Tea drink options. 

10 April 2017, Monday
Went to find my mum and have dinner together :D. This salted egg yolk shrimps are so good!

14 April 2017, Friday

Finally met up with Lena, ReiChi, ZiYun and Gillian to have dinner together. Went to Clark Quay and i swear every time i went out with them, funny things happened. So we took MRT to Clark Quay. Then, we realised the place we need to go even though it was located at Clark Quay, we still need to take a bus. So we took the bus and realised the place was literally outside Clark Quay MRT and was at the opposite. So yeah, we took a bus for nothing. I literally can hear my heart breaking because adult fare is not cheap. Anyway, we cross the road and eat at Daejon House. Then we start to catch up while eating. Their kimchi pancake is the bomb!!!! If you went there, you have to order kimchi pancake! So i remembered we kept laughing and laughing. After eating, we need to cross the road again to go Clark Quay central and ReiChi almost cross the wrong way! But i can't blame her because the green light does look like you can cross. But in fact, the road you only can cross one way. So when she crosses the wrong way, we all scream her name as the green light in that way is indicate cars can move and not human. Luckily she only walks a few steps. Oh my god, i almost have a mini heart attack. Then they went and bought ice cream at Azabu Sabo Hokkaido Ice Cream and their ice cream was good. So we find a spot, sit down and chat again. After that, we went to shop for glasses at Owndays. Basically just test a different bunch of glasses and sunglasses for fun. I actually saw a sunglasses i like.....So maybe i will buy that in the near future. Then later on home sweet home as it was quite late already.

21 April 2017, Friday

Went out with ZiYun and Gillian again because school is starting soon so we want to enjoy while it last. So we went to Bugis, as i want to shop for clothes and laptop cover. Ended up, i only bought pant. Literally, i walk the whole day and i only bought a pant. Finally, i convinced myself to buy the knee slit high waisted pant from Topshop. I am literally contemplating that for months. I also went to the temple and pray. Then we went to eat steamboat at Suki-ya. The best thing about that steamboat is the cheese balls. After that, bought food for my family and head home!

Here are the photos and videos i supposed to put in the last post but forgotten. Here is Kimberly, Sandra, XinYi and me :D Eileen was not in the photo because she have work that day.

Here is some random sketch that i draw while looking at pinterest!

Sister also bought cupcakes and tart from Plain Vanilla Bakery :)
To be honest, the chocolate tart is good! That's my favourite!

That's all for the month of April :D 
See you in May!
Hopefully soon. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Hello everyone! Since my school is starting real soon, it's time to update about March. :D Can't believe i'm a year 3 student already.....

1 March 2017, Wednesday / 3 March 2017, Friday

Went back to school despite holiday have officially begun because we still need to complete Applied Microbiology (Amic) project. I remembered on Friday, it rains heavily! My pant was wet! But it's okay, i ended up eating breakfast with Sandra and Xin Yi! :)

2 March 2017, Thursday
I went back to school to listen oversea internship programme (OSIP) talk. Also, to collect our exam papers result. For the OSIP talk, i thought i will get more information about the experiment they did and what they learnt. However, the student talks more about the fun stuffs like where to shop and where to eat, which i don't really find it important. 

7 March 2017, Tuesday

My dad accompanies me to the clinic as i need to have hepatitis B vaccine injection for my course that i will be studying in year 3. Ended up, i need to draw blood instead, to check if i need it because i did inject hepatitis B vaccine in the past. Hence, this was the first time drawing blood. The doctor firstly draws blood on my left arm, but for some reason, there's not enough blood. Hence, i need to draw blood on my right arm. I freaking draw blood twice in a day!!! Surprisingly, it was not that painful. I still can have a proper conversation with the doctor while she helps me to draw blood. She said my vein is really small that she need to use the smallest needle. Most probably because i was nervous as well, so my small vein constricted and become even smaller that resulted no blood on my left arm. 

8 March 2017, Wednesday

Decided to paint since it's been like 5 years since i touched paintbrush. I'm not good at painting. Normally i draw, shade and colour. I draw and colour more in April which i will update that once April month is over. Mostly copied and inspired by Pinterest.

17 March 2017, Friday
My dad accompanies me to the clinic once again to take my report. Luckily, i do not need hepatitis B vaccine injection. 

24 March 2017, Friday
I was bored at home so decided to learn a few Hangul. It was so hard. Still, i think is easier than Japanese. 

28 March 2017, Tuesday
Result out so decided to pack up all the school stuffs. My room is still a mess though.... No matter how i packed.

That's all for my March! 
I will see you soon when i'm free. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017


Hello everyone! Since i blogged about January in my previous post, i figured out that i should blogged about February as well. 

2 February 2017, Thursday
Saw RuiMin on the way back home from school. Nothing much happened but i want to include that in because it's been a long time since i last saw her and she didn't change much. We chat a little until i reached my destination. Honestly, i really missed those time in band with seniors.

4 February 2017, Saturday

Did not really do anything productive except working out. 

5 February 2017, Sunday
If you know me, you know i'm a night owl and definitely not an early bird. But, i made an effort to wake up early because i am meeting a buyer that want to buy my Maths book on Carousell. Then i waited her for 30 minutes and she did not come. No worry, in the end she did contacted me feeling apologetic and said that her phone was on silent because she went to church. Things work out after that and i successfully sold my book. 

6 February 2017, Monday

I have Mammalian Cell Technology (MCT) hands on practical test that day. However, i went to Tampines first to meet another buyer that want to buy my seashells on Carousell. Luckily the transaction went smoothly because i have MCT practical later on as i mention earlier. Things went on smoothly and it was awesome. 

8 February 2017, Wednesday

We have a tutorial in the early morning. After that we have 3 hours break then we have Applied Microbiology (Amic) laboratory session. So during the 3 hours break, we went to celebrate Sandra birthday by having Korean BBQ! And by "we" i mean Sandra, Kimberly, Eileen and Xin Yi. After that, i'm having Genki Sushi with my sister for dinner. :) 

9 February 2017, Thursday

I have Molecular Biology (Mbio) hands on practical test. Things went smoothly as well. Went to bought coconut ice cream since we have a long break and it was good! 

10 February 2017, Friday
I have Career Communication (CCom) interview test. It was really scary but teacher said i improve from the practice session. So i's good. 

11 February 2017, Saturday
I have learnt that karma exist. Once you let go of something such as hatred, karma will do it for you. It just crazy how sudden it is and how severe it is...

15 February 2017, Wednesday 
Have Mbio term test.

16 February 2017, Thursday 

Went to bought Starbucks drinks aka iced white chocolate mocha and caramel macchiato and also bought Makisan. I swear Makisan is my new favourite sushi! 

17 February 2017, Friday
Have MCT term test.

20 February 2017, Monday / 23 February 2017, Thursday
Have Analytical Biochemistry (Abchm) and Amic term test.

21/22 February 2017, Tuesday/Wednesday
I feel so ill that day. I didn't slept until like about 5am on Wednesday. Most likely i ate too full or what.....that i have heartburn. I'm not even that sure if is heartburn.....but i guess so. My hands and legs went cold. I feel so horrible. Finally i vomited and only acid come out. Then....i feel better. The feeling was like.....Something went up to your throat (most probably acid) then went back down....I scared my mum because she thought i was going to faint anytime which is kind of true. I did felt breathless. Then on Wednesday afternoon, brother scared my mum once again. Brother dislocate his knee again and this time round it was more severe and needed surgery.

27 February 2017, Monday

It was my Abchm report deadline so i went to school to submit my report. Then, i'm meeting my friends to do Amic project. I was worried the whole time because it was my brother first surgery and first time he went under anaesthesia. Luckily, everything is fine. 

28 February 2017, Tuesday

Brother only stayed one night at the hospital hence he discharged on the 28. Sister bought him Snorlax macaroon which was extremely adorable. 

That's all for my February :)