Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hi all, hahaha, yesterday at night i and my sister see 恶作据2吻. Then we see until 5:00a.m. haha then we faster go sleep.Then today i wake up at 3:00p.m. i think, hahaha so late wanted to eat dinner le hahahaha.BYE~.~

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hi all, i have change my blogskin le. I am very sorry that no have emo picture again. Hey all i already tell you i buy 不良笑花and 恶作据2吻 right. Then i 2 day time only, i watch finish the part 1 and part 2 不良笑花 le hahaha. Now we are watching 恶作据2吻. And one thing very sad you know what. School holiday finish le. So this friday school reopen le. Haiz a little bit sad and happy and scard. Sad is that holiday finish le. Happy is i go back to school and scard is i don't know the teacher. Haiz nevermind hahaha. Wish you all Happy New Year and i put the Nyony song website you all can go and see hahaha ok le Bye~!!!!










Song go this website:

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Today i and my sister go Hougang and we buy 不良笑花and 恶作剧2吻. I so happy now i have something to see le hahahahaha.

Li Xuan Birthday!!!

Today is Li Xuan Birthday so happy birthday to Li Xuan. Sorry Li Xuan yesterday at 12:00a.m. never online MSN to tell you happy birthday so please forgive me !!!!! But i got SMS to you haha. Byeeeee!!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Today movie

Today my sister bring me to watch the twilight movie. The guy really very handsome hahaha, this is the first time i watch movie so i very happy. The screen very big and the sound very loud hahaha. I go Ang Mo Kio hub to watch the movie, when the movie finish, i and my sister go shopping fist then we go eat long john silver haha this also my first time eat long john silver haha..ok le BYE~.....

Today tomorrow????

Today i go Ang Mo Kio Hub, and i go eat sushi wow so good i eat alot hahaha this is my second time go eat sushi so not very excited.......And i went back home at 7:30p.m. so i still can see de 心花朵朵开haha.....My sister say tomorrow she bring me to see movie the movie name is called twilight haha the guy very handsome hahaha..... I really want go watch movie this is my first time seeing movie so i very excited ....ok le bye.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Hey guy do you all like emo???? Some people like some don't. Because if they see emo they will think is ghost, but if people like they will say it very cute.... I like emo and i like emo words, you know why? Because emo word is so meaningful i like it, like my blog picture that i had put emo picture you all can go see the words is so meaningful. I like emo, my sister also like emo. Hahaha ok lor byeeee.....


I wanted to say thank you to li xuan. Because she help my clubpenguin to get black belt now only one step then i will be ninja le thank you li xuan very much. In your birthday i will give you present^^.

Merry Christmas

Yay, now is 12a.m. i wish everyone Merry Christmas hahaha. I too excited and happy haha. Now chinese new year is coming haha..yay:)....Bye.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy happy happy

Hihi, i am here to say happy holiday, happy birthday, merry x'mas and happy new year. I know i too early to say happy birthday to li xuan but i want say now hahaha. Ok...bye bye

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So many blog

I have many blog do you all want go see?????
I have post Jokes in the other blog go here....
I post some health thing just go here.....
and please tagtag me hahahaha........

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday i went ToaPayoh with my family, then i buy 1 school bag, at first my mother don't allow me to buy bag because she already buy one school bag for me le but i don't really like because the school bag picture is princess.OH MY GOD....Then i tell my father that i don't really like princess bag le because in my school i never see people still bring princess bag to school and i next year is primary 6 le. So my father say ok ok la ,i buy one school bag for you la, then when i hear this word i was very happy hahahaha....Today i go cut hair, i cut until very short hahaha....But nevermind la because hair will long ma, so nevermind la hahaha...Bye.......................

Friday, December 5, 2008

sad sad sad

I almost sad everyday because my MSN cannot sign in le, spoil le i was so sad ,my favourite thing to do is i can chat with my friends in MSN but now i cannot even sign in how can i chat!!!!!!!! So sorry that i cannot chat with you all but we can chat on phone hahaha, still got one way to go chat hahahahaha........But i know i must happy everyday but still cannot happy hahaha no la i still happy la.....BYE......................

Monday, December 1, 2008

Today & Yesterday

Today i go out with my parent, we go to Ang Mo Kio to buy our shoes and other things......So i buy 2 shoes because 1 is school shoe and the other is when go out side wear de hahahaha. And today night my sister come back from Hong Kong hahaha. I wanted to show off my new school shoe and my own shoe hahahaha......Yesterday and yesterday aiya don't know how many yesterday la i and li xuan playing rewujie then i play like 2 hour 3 hour like that then the computer blackout but i am not angry because this is my whole life playing this computer for so long hour hahaha...... Because this computer alway like never until 1 hour then blackout de and yesterday midnight i play with peini at rewujie she say that she prefer playing audition but i also prefer playing audition but the audition got patch and i cannot download because the audition i alway download half way then the computer blackout so ya cannot play. Haha nevermind la i never play audition also good la because i will not saying bad word but i really miss audition TT.....Wish that i can play audition again aiya nevermind la i believe miracle i wish i wish that i can play audition again..... I wish ..........

Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Sister

Hi meet you all again.....HAHAHAHA....ok sorry that i keep on laughing hahaha.....arrr hahaha...sorry. Today my sister go hong kong so my house very quiet and nobody play computer aiya i got play computer my brother also play HE VERY SIAN LA ok la . Ok that all byeeeeeeeeeeee, oo too many 'e' liao hahahha oo sorry for laughing again bye.

Monday, November 24, 2008

So long never do blogging le......

YOYO, i so long never do blog le. Because i was not in school and my family never do like what interesting thing so i never post anything haha.......And i want to thank my very best best best friend who help me in club penguin. The person is called Li Xuan, thank you Li Xuan i will never forget what you do de. And i very happy that Li Xuan in club penguin become ninja......Bye....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

today very angry

I today very angry, i playing clubpenguin then the computer alway blackout......Cannot play liao laaaaaaaaaaaa.........I crazy liao la bye bye......

Friday, November 14, 2008

yesterday perform

Yesterday is last day of school, so good sia. Then i play UNO with my friends, then i keep on laughing and laughing until i stomach pain but i still laugh hahaha, if people don't know me i think they will think that i am at mental hospital come out de hahaha(i laughing again oh my god). Then after recess we go to the hall to line up in two straight line. Then we sit down and watch some of the student performing, they perform very well but i still a little boring because we sit at the hall about 2 hour and 30 minute. They perform gu zheng, chinese dance and other more. Then after the perform finish i take school bus and went home. ZZZZZZ....... Ok i stop here le bye bye........

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Last day of school

Tomorrow is last day of school le, i was very happy because so i can play my computer, but i will miss my friends >.<".......Although next year we all same class but still miss them la. Today my very best friend so unlucky today. I accidentally pour soup on her skirt oh my god so sorry please forgive me hahaha. And she say that when she wanted to go home she saw his friends (not really friend can say is enemy).......Then she bump into that Xi Qiang oh my god. Then she very embarrassed because she accidentally bump in to that fat guy oh my god i wanted to faint liao. We today go to the computer lab and then Mr Ong (our teacher) so good let us play any games in computer lab hahaha.........And then today Jie qian today bring high school musical (disc)to school to let us see so good ok la bye bye....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy all day long

Today i very happy, i take my report book card and see i was very happy because i have pass my total mark. But teacher have a small mistake of the mark so tomorrow i need to add some more mark hahaha. Today at class we play UNO with my friend but one of you is not my best friend is i hate the most because he is my enemy. Today we have no P.E. i also don't know why no have P.E. so we stay at our class room to play. Oh ya today have fire drill we quickly go down the staircase and go to the hall it is so fun but is dangerous, and another thing my friend and my another friend like last time liao become best friend le. I am great that my friend say sorry to her and i very happy that she have the courage to say this byebye.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Good New

Yay good new, good new my sister never die because she say she all pass yay yay i so happy.


Hi hi is me again aiya of course is me la because this is my blog hahaha. Today only get back our science paper only. Tomorrow then get back english paper and math paper and report book oh my god don't know got pass my total a not wish that can pass. Today i very happy too because i get 20th in the class although is not so good and no have take any prize but i still very happy because i have improve. I was scare too because today my sister take the exam paper liao don't know got pass a not so scare later she go die oh my god. It is going to holiday i was very happy and sad, sad is i don't know next year can go same class with my friends. Happy is i can play computer all day long but not all day la because next year is PSLE primary 6 already so must JIA YOU, JIA YOU........Haiz nevermind la. BYE BYE

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Oh my god, tomorrow need to go to school again so sian but nevermind la go to school can play game because exam is over yay, but tomorrow get back my exam paper siao liao later i get scolded by my parent and i also don't have the courage to give my father sign. Although they know the mark but they will still need to see my exam paper see that where i made careless mistake. Haiz........Oh ya tomorrow my sister get back her exam paper wish her can pass or else she go die because she tell me that if her exam fail she will go die so wish her pass, wish her pass...........Today at home very sian la because cannot play computer my younger brother want play so i let him play lor. Then i call my friend then we chat lor but my brother keep on shouting at me say help him this help him that very annoying la. Wish that can go out by my own and i can tell my friend that we together go shopping but my mother don't allow me to go out say that the stranger later catch me la, later i missing la blah blah blah..............I think she think too much liao i already primary 5 le still don't let me go out. I look like a bird in a cage cannot go out, wish that i have freedom.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Oh ya forgotten to say that i have post alot of emo picture so love emo people can come and see my picture. I post this picture because the word got the meaning and next is that i love emo thing they are so cute. I love it!!!! Bye


Haiz sian sia. Again i need to wait my sister come back then go lock the door but she say before 12 am then come back but now is so late liao. Ahhhh...... Haiz....zzzz.....!!! Today my friend no have courage to say sorry to my another friend. She say that she have no face to talk to her and no have face to say sorry but i think if she have the courage i think my another friend will forgive her. So let us wish her have the courage to say sorry to my another friend and we wish her all the best that her and my another friend will like last year got talk, got smile ,watch movie together and go shopping. JIA YOU WISH YOU HAVE THE COURAGE!!!!!


Yesterday night i already tell you all that i go download audition you know i yesterday very very very angry because the audition 80% something want finish downloading liao then the computer blackout la. Haiz i need to redownload again and need to wait again oh my god. I wanted to die aiya just kidding la. How can i die when i grow up i want to be detective sia so i cannot die. But i also don't know that my wish can come true or not because my study not good alway get band 4 . So i need to work hard or else my parent will alway nagging that i alway fail how can i go to secondary. Haiz that all bye.......

Friday, November 7, 2008

Again Audition

Hi is me again, today i go download audition again but i wait so long and i don't know i download is the correct one or wrong one. I so scare that later my computer blackout again. Then i can forever no need to play audition again. Aiya not forever la still can go to the shop land and play, but need to give money. Haiz i still young how can i go out to work hahaha. Nevermind wish can someone help me but better change computer so i don't need to wait so long because this computer look like wanted to spoil le. Haiz nevermind BYE BYE.

My Favourite game

My favourite game is audition. When the exam over i back home the first thing is to on computer to play audition but the audition got patch i cannot play so i wait for the patch but they say must go auditionsea to download the patch. I go to the auditionsea to download but got so many website i don't know must download which one, so if people know how to patch can teach me? If can please write in the shout-box or comment. Thank you!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Hi is me Fann Ong, everybody call me Fann Wong, Fan(so sad) and pen(so sad). And one more thing very very very very very very very SAD.I fail all my subject oh my god. I fail my math,english and science.Luckily my chinese pass. I wonder why the 'Fail' alway find me haiz.And this is my SA2 i put in alot of effort to take good result but still fail haiz. But nevermind i got improve my math and science haha. So i will continues to study very very very hard to let my all subjet pass with flying colour so JIA YOU me and you if u fail. Nevermind if you work hard the word 'Fail' will avoid you so JIA YOU remember to make a target it will help you! JIA YOU EVERYBODY. ^^ ❤♀♂◈☺²★☆☞♡♥ⓕⓘⓢⓗღ▲Δ☠™【】◆↗♧﹌蝴蝶飞不过沧海,爱情抵不过现实, 爱情其实很虚伪的██ █※◥◣〓♣[×] [o] ✿の☉♫♪ ✖ツ ❤✄❧❦♬№♀"