Thursday, November 6, 2008


Hi is me Fann Ong, everybody call me Fann Wong, Fan(so sad) and pen(so sad). And one more thing very very very very very very very SAD.I fail all my subject oh my god. I fail my math,english and science.Luckily my chinese pass. I wonder why the 'Fail' alway find me haiz.And this is my SA2 i put in alot of effort to take good result but still fail haiz. But nevermind i got improve my math and science haha. So i will continues to study very very very hard to let my all subjet pass with flying colour so JIA YOU me and you if u fail. Nevermind if you work hard the word 'Fail' will avoid you so JIA YOU remember to make a target it will help you! JIA YOU EVERYBODY. ^^ ❤♀♂◈☺²★☆☞♡♥ⓕⓘⓢⓗღ▲Δ☠™【】◆↗♧﹌蝴蝶飞不过沧海,爱情抵不过现实, 爱情其实很虚伪的██ █※◥◣〓♣[×] [o] ✿の☉♫♪ ✖ツ ❤✄❧❦♬№♀"

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