Monday, November 10, 2008


Hi hi is me again aiya of course is me la because this is my blog hahaha. Today only get back our science paper only. Tomorrow then get back english paper and math paper and report book oh my god don't know got pass my total a not wish that can pass. Today i very happy too because i get 20th in the class although is not so good and no have take any prize but i still very happy because i have improve. I was scare too because today my sister take the exam paper liao don't know got pass a not so scare later she go die oh my god. It is going to holiday i was very happy and sad, sad is i don't know next year can go same class with my friends. Happy is i can play computer all day long but not all day la because next year is PSLE primary 6 already so must JIA YOU, JIA YOU........Haiz nevermind la. BYE BYE

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