Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Last day of school

Tomorrow is last day of school le, i was very happy because so i can play my computer, but i will miss my friends >.<".......Although next year we all same class but still miss them la. Today my very best friend so unlucky today. I accidentally pour soup on her skirt oh my god so sorry please forgive me hahaha. And she say that when she wanted to go home she saw his friends (not really friend can say is enemy).......Then she bump into that Xi Qiang oh my god. Then she very embarrassed because she accidentally bump in to that fat guy oh my god i wanted to faint liao. We today go to the computer lab and then Mr Ong (our teacher) so good let us play any games in computer lab hahaha.........And then today Jie qian today bring high school musical (disc)to school to let us see so good ok la bye bye....
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