Sunday, November 9, 2008


Oh my god, tomorrow need to go to school again so sian but nevermind la go to school can play game because exam is over yay, but tomorrow get back my exam paper siao liao later i get scolded by my parent and i also don't have the courage to give my father sign. Although they know the mark but they will still need to see my exam paper see that where i made careless mistake. Haiz........Oh ya tomorrow my sister get back her exam paper wish her can pass or else she go die because she tell me that if her exam fail she will go die so wish her pass, wish her pass...........Today at home very sian la because cannot play computer my younger brother want play so i let him play lor. Then i call my friend then we chat lor but my brother keep on shouting at me say help him this help him that very annoying la. Wish that can go out by my own and i can tell my friend that we together go shopping but my mother don't allow me to go out say that the stranger later catch me la, later i missing la blah blah blah..............I think she think too much liao i already primary 5 le still don't let me go out. I look like a bird in a cage cannot go out, wish that i have freedom.

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