Monday, December 1, 2008

Today & Yesterday

Today i go out with my parent, we go to Ang Mo Kio to buy our shoes and other things......So i buy 2 shoes because 1 is school shoe and the other is when go out side wear de hahahaha. And today night my sister come back from Hong Kong hahaha. I wanted to show off my new school shoe and my own shoe hahahaha......Yesterday and yesterday aiya don't know how many yesterday la i and li xuan playing rewujie then i play like 2 hour 3 hour like that then the computer blackout but i am not angry because this is my whole life playing this computer for so long hour hahaha...... Because this computer alway like never until 1 hour then blackout de and yesterday midnight i play with peini at rewujie she say that she prefer playing audition but i also prefer playing audition but the audition got patch and i cannot download because the audition i alway download half way then the computer blackout so ya cannot play. Haha nevermind la i never play audition also good la because i will not saying bad word but i really miss audition TT.....Wish that i can play audition again aiya nevermind la i believe miracle i wish i wish that i can play audition again..... I wish ..........
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