Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today our english teacher so good, he bring Chinese New Year food and we eat haha. Then we eat lor haha. Then we drink orange juice. Haha i only write a little bit because i think this is the most interesting thing so i write lor and sylvia never come to school TT she say she overslept and then she cannot eat. Haiz bye!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today i go to school lor and got tuition lor then i eat lor then we all stay back until 4:00p.m. Then we wanted to go basketball court and play but the field got so many people because they all have golf CCA so ya like that lor. Then we wanted to go in then got one teacher say are you all golf member then we say no then the teacher say then don't come here then we go play running and something blah blah blah it fun haha.Haiz. When 4:00p.m. Then we all go home. Then i go home then i eat lor. Then i need to use computer then my sister say no then i very disappointed lor because my chinese teacher say that the composition picture post in the blog then i need to tell li xuan to tell me the picture so sad but then hor suddenly my sister say you go play la then i very happy go use computer but then my brother already there playing game , i was so angry but nevermind my mother scold him. Then he give me play is not play la like doing blog and something else haha ok la i need to do my homework liao bye~

yesterday today???

Yesterday and yesterday morning , i wake up not so early lah like 10p.m. something ya like that lor. Because my mother say , in the morning we eat brother birthday cake yay. Then i ate two pieces of cake hahaha. Then i very sad because i call li xuan yesterday and yesterday then i tell her the video in her blog is so sad that i wanted to cry liao. Then i tell her that i wanted to finish my homework liao. Then i tell her that the picture is shopping mall but li xuan say no, that picture is not a shopping mall then i tell her oh my god is not a shopping mall oh i wanted to go die liao then she tell me that the picture is a airport. Oh my god i write my sentence is all about shopping mall leh siao liao ah. Then i need to rewrite the sentence i wanted to cry liao. At afternoon about 1:30p.m. My parent bring my brother go see a doctor because my brother alway coughing so they bring him to see a doctor lor. Then only i and sister was at home ya like that lor. Then when they go , my grandmother come to my home with 3 bowl of noodle haha is curry de so very nice. Then when i eat finish the noodle i on computer to play games then my brother come back home then my stomach suddenly very pain and then i tell him go play game then when i come put in the toilet then give me play then my brother say ok but when i come out in the toilet he don't want to let me play i was so angry then i say ok nevermind you play until your game character die then give me play then he say ok. Then i see him play then he never die then he go make a room that he will not die de i was so angry then i say how can you like that de then your game character will not die then how can i play then my brother say na na ni bo bo i was so angry so i click close so he can't play then he very angry then he beat me and he cry. Then i go to MSN and say hi to li xuan then the computer suddenly dc so i was very angry and then i go bath lor but i still very angry because he beat me i never say anything and he shouted at me don't know what thing lah then my sister come and say, let brother play la you alway on computer doing something that not important. Then my mother come and say let brother play la you go bath la. But my father not the same he take newspaper and wanted to beat my brother but he never beat haiz. Then i very sad lor. Never beat him. Sorry i know i very bad wanted to see my father beat him but my brother really more bad then me ma. Then my mother say yesterday then play mahjong then i say i know la no need you to say then she say they play until 3:00a.m. Then i say yaya. Oh ya forgot to tell you all in my sister birthday her friend give her a disc call 蓝球火yay i and my sister alway wanted to buy 篮球火 But because the disc very expensive so we can't buy. Then i was very happy got someone buy the 篮球火present give my sister so now we are watching the 篮球火Final haha see finish liao haha i was so happy. Tomorrow need to go to school tires sia.

Monday, January 26, 2009

My brother birthday and Chinese new year!!

Today is my brother birthday and today is also a Happy Chinese New Year. Hahaha today i was so happy i think every children was happy lah, because got Hong Bao to take haha. Today morning i wake up then i brush my teeth and then i put on my new clothes. And then first i take two oranges to give my parent and wish them Happy Chinese New Year and alway young young and must healthy forever. And they give us Hong Bao. Then i go to my grandmother house and i also take two oranges to give my grandmother and i say healthy forever. Then grandmother also give us Hong Bao. Then we all go eat food. The food is so nice, i love to eat haha. All is my grandmother cook de , cool right? Then our some relative come to our house and grandmother house, ya like that lor, lol. Then we go to our relative house and then my brother give two oranges to give my father brother ,ya like that lor haha. Then we say to them Happy Chinese New Year lor. Then they one by one give us Hong Bao haha. Then we go eat their food haha, so nice haha. Then i see them playing Black Jack. Then, i go see some book and something blah blah blah ya. Then we go home. Yay i was so happy i got alot of Hong Bao haha. Then we come back home celebrate our brother birthday then we tomorrow then eat cake because our stomach is full haha. Bye~ wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year ba.


Yesterday is Chinese New Year eve. Today is Chinese New Year so i am here to wish you all Happy Chinese New Year.^^

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yesterday and today

Tuesday i have tuition so i stay back after school. At recess time i , li xuan and peini only eat a little bit then go 1766 to use computer. Then i play my clubpenguin because my clubpenguin already have black belt ,but haven become ninja yet so i play 1766 computer because my home computer alway dc ya. Then i finally become ninja i was so happy and i tell li xuan to help me play the mission ,but when we do half way the uncle say need to go to the hall so we off the computer TT. Then after school i already tell you that we have tuition so we stay back ya, but we never eat, i, Li Xuan,Peini,tinzar,Deon,Sylvia and siew ching go to the basketball court and play basketball then we play until half way siew ching and Sylvia wanted to run the field so they join xuan lin. So we don't want to join them so we play basketball again. That time i very happy haha.
Wednesday when i go to school i was shock that many of them never wear P.E. attire because we have health screening so need to wear P.E. attire. Then i ask them why never wear they say they never go to the blog and see and something blah blah blah. So we go checkup then my eye not good, then i need to change my spectacle lenses so ya like that lor then the nurse check our backbone ya then i negative haha. Then after school i stay back because i have tuition again haiz sian. Then we never eat we stay at our class and help them to decoration the classroom so until 2:00p.m. i , sylvia and li xuan go to the hall then we go tuition. Then after tuition i call my parent that i have finish tuition then i ask my father again can i stayback until 4:00p.m. then my father say ok la sure la. Then i was very happy haha. Then i go to the classroom and help them decoration again.^^
Today is Thurday, when i go in to the classroom then i sit down and listen what our teacher say ya. Then recess time i , siewching, sylvia , Xi qiang, li xuan , xuan lin ,liwen and peini never go for recess you know why? Because we decoration our classroom haha. After school i go home because no have any tuition on that day so i never stay back. Then when i reach home i go to my grandmother house then i eat lor. Then i at my grandmother living room saw a baby red spider it so cute i like it very much but then hor i call my mother can the spider be my pet. My mother say cannot say what la spider 有毒啦。And spider is a ghost oh my god.....But i haven throw away haiz. It so cute how can i throw away.....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday,Sunday,Friday, Monday

Last Friday we have our dictation, i got learn but when teacher say i don't understand maybe i will get very low mark and even get zero mark i think. And then teacher give us the primary english question but a few of them can answer only so teacher tell us to take out the writing paper tell us to copy down the question and answer, then i look like very angry because the teacher tell us to copy so many oh my god. And then Saturday or Sunday my father buy a watch to give me i was so happy because my the other watch spoil le, cannot use so he buy for me a new one then i tell him how you know i want a new watch then he say is my mother tell him de, so i say thank you to my father. Then today is Monday we all have the primary 6 programme and supplementary classes so we have to stay back then after programme and supplementary finish, i stay a little while to help my friend decoration the classroom. Oh ya forgot to tell you all don't know is Saturday or Sunday my brother saw a very big butterfly and is on outside, then the butterfly fly in our house so scary oh my god, then the butterfly stay at our house until morning, then the butterfly then fly away, then i tell my friend about it then they say is ghost or something blah blah blah but my mother and grandmother say that the butterfly is our grandfather then i say oh my god because our grandfather had die liao..... That all i wanted to tell you all , but the butterfly is still a mystery, oh ya tomorrow have chinese spelling so i must learn so BYE~

Monday, January 12, 2009

Today spelling

Today we get back our spelling paper, i thought i will fail because i never learn the spelling words. But to my surprised i take 15 over 20 i was so happy that i have pass my spelling paper and PeiNi spelling mark is 17 over 20 omg higher then me hahaha. But my friend fail the spelling i was so sad because they all must retake the spelling again, our teacher say that those who fail must retake spelling again and this time they all must over 15 mark omg. I wish that my friend can pass. Today i got home i eat roti prata. Then i on computer to chat with peini in MSN. Then we go though our math then she teach me i want to thank her ^^ ok that all bye.....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My sister birthday!!!!

Today is my sister birthday and then i sms her happy birthday, but i never buy any present, because our school bookshop never open so i cannot buy anything. Then i think i can buy the 翻滚吧!蛋炒饭disc give her. But i don't know how much it cost Oh my god!!!! Haiz nevermind ... And today in P.E. the teacher weigh our weight and height i was very happy my height now is 144 and my weight is 32kg hahaha i heavy liao and i tall liao HAHAHA~~~~!!!! I WAS SO HAPPY LAST YEAR MY HEIGHT ONLY 139 HAHA.... sorry i too happy then i use caps lock very sorry really very very sorry haha ok la bye~

Sunday, January 4, 2009


We see finish the 恶作剧2吻 le. Haiz nothing to see le ok la.....BYE.