Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday,Sunday,Friday, Monday

Last Friday we have our dictation, i got learn but when teacher say i don't understand maybe i will get very low mark and even get zero mark i think. And then teacher give us the primary english question but a few of them can answer only so teacher tell us to take out the writing paper tell us to copy down the question and answer, then i look like very angry because the teacher tell us to copy so many oh my god. And then Saturday or Sunday my father buy a watch to give me i was so happy because my the other watch spoil le, cannot use so he buy for me a new one then i tell him how you know i want a new watch then he say is my mother tell him de, so i say thank you to my father. Then today is Monday we all have the primary 6 programme and supplementary classes so we have to stay back then after programme and supplementary finish, i stay a little while to help my friend decoration the classroom. Oh ya forgot to tell you all don't know is Saturday or Sunday my brother saw a very big butterfly and is on outside, then the butterfly fly in our house so scary oh my god, then the butterfly stay at our house until morning, then the butterfly then fly away, then i tell my friend about it then they say is ghost or something blah blah blah but my mother and grandmother say that the butterfly is our grandfather then i say oh my god because our grandfather had die liao..... That all i wanted to tell you all , but the butterfly is still a mystery, oh ya tomorrow have chinese spelling so i must learn so BYE~
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