Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today i go to school lor and got tuition lor then i eat lor then we all stay back until 4:00p.m. Then we wanted to go basketball court and play but the field got so many people because they all have golf CCA so ya like that lor. Then we wanted to go in then got one teacher say are you all golf member then we say no then the teacher say then don't come here then we go play running and something blah blah blah it fun haha.Haiz. When 4:00p.m. Then we all go home. Then i go home then i eat lor. Then i need to use computer then my sister say no then i very disappointed lor because my chinese teacher say that the composition picture post in the blog then i need to tell li xuan to tell me the picture so sad but then hor suddenly my sister say you go play la then i very happy go use computer but then my brother already there playing game , i was so angry but nevermind my mother scold him. Then he give me play is not play la like doing blog and something else haha ok la i need to do my homework liao bye~
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