Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yesterday and today

Tuesday i have tuition so i stay back after school. At recess time i , li xuan and peini only eat a little bit then go 1766 to use computer. Then i play my clubpenguin because my clubpenguin already have black belt ,but haven become ninja yet so i play 1766 computer because my home computer alway dc ya. Then i finally become ninja i was so happy and i tell li xuan to help me play the mission ,but when we do half way the uncle say need to go to the hall so we off the computer TT. Then after school i already tell you that we have tuition so we stay back ya, but we never eat, i, Li Xuan,Peini,tinzar,Deon,Sylvia and siew ching go to the basketball court and play basketball then we play until half way siew ching and Sylvia wanted to run the field so they join xuan lin. So we don't want to join them so we play basketball again. That time i very happy haha.
Wednesday when i go to school i was shock that many of them never wear P.E. attire because we have health screening so need to wear P.E. attire. Then i ask them why never wear they say they never go to the blog and see and something blah blah blah. So we go checkup then my eye not good, then i need to change my spectacle lenses so ya like that lor then the nurse check our backbone ya then i negative haha. Then after school i stay back because i have tuition again haiz sian. Then we never eat we stay at our class and help them to decoration the classroom so until 2:00p.m. i , sylvia and li xuan go to the hall then we go tuition. Then after tuition i call my parent that i have finish tuition then i ask my father again can i stayback until 4:00p.m. then my father say ok la sure la. Then i was very happy haha. Then i go to the classroom and help them decoration again.^^
Today is Thurday, when i go in to the classroom then i sit down and listen what our teacher say ya. Then recess time i , siewching, sylvia , Xi qiang, li xuan , xuan lin ,liwen and peini never go for recess you know why? Because we decoration our classroom haha. After school i go home because no have any tuition on that day so i never stay back. Then when i reach home i go to my grandmother house then i eat lor. Then i at my grandmother living room saw a baby red spider it so cute i like it very much but then hor i call my mother can the spider be my pet. My mother say cannot say what la spider 有毒啦。And spider is a ghost oh my god.....But i haven throw away haiz. It so cute how can i throw away.....
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