Friday, February 27, 2009

So many days!!!!!

Hi got miss me haha just kidding lah i very long never post liao because i have many homework so no TIME!!!!! You all know primary 6 need to do many homework lah because PSLE haiz.Then last week i am sleeping then Li Xuan call me but i never listen because i very sian cannot get up then my mother tell me to eat bread so I STILL HAVE TO GET UP HAIZ!!!!! Then i go see my hand phone then i receive Pei Ni message(sms) so i go see lah she say got someone use Derek name my name and some other name to write some nasty things. Then first that guy use my name and say to Li Xuan in shout box in F word and say lame blog.........And then the next day i receive Pei Ni message then she say if i got home please on computer first so i do as she say so i on computer then i was very shock the person use my name and write in my English teacher shout box and say 'stupid Pei Ni' then not even me still have Derek,Angelo and Michelle..........very many lah. Then i wonder why the guy use our name and say this all nasty thing but the guy put our name why he put he hotmail??? So crazy but not crazy lah just we have prove that is the same person did because the time and the date ya like that lor but our English teacher only can find the ip number haiz cannot find the person.

Then i come back home i and my father mother go and eat. Then my father wanted to go home first then i and my mother go NTUC to shopping then we go in and but carrot and something blahhhhhh!!!!~ Then when we but finish we will shock that is raining is heavy rain so i say how to go home then my mother say like that walk home lor but then my mother saw that a corner have cardboard and she say let use the cardboard as an umbrella then i say OH MY GOD i don't want lah. But my mother say aiya never mind lah. So we take the cardboard as an umbrella go home haha it was so fun haha~ Then my father open the door and say why we are not wet then my mother kidding and lie and say got a handsome boy drive us home hahaha ok lah bye~

Friday, February 20, 2009


Then yesterday we go to the computer lab and then we need to do powerpoint at least 5 powerpoint. Then i only do one haha no time to do. Then when i reach home i found that i have 4 comment . Then i go see , first is Deon, second is Joleen third and forth i wanted delete but i never delete.Then today not so many homework ya . Then i call Li Xuan, she say she wanted to quited anklung and then join guitar. But if i have the chance to join CCA i would like to join badminton but my mum not allow me to join because later nobody bring home blah blah blah .........Then i tell my mother to give me spelling ( dictation key word) then my mum say she don't know how to read blah blah blah then she a read a call luxurious then she say oh ya, you put the shampoo to the wrong place make me mess up, the hair shampoo i go wash body, the body shampoo i go wash hair then i say really hahaha...... Then my mother say she wanted to scold me but forgot haha.......

Yesterday???? Today??? which day lah???

Yesterday, yesterday & yesterday our social studies teacher say about little red dot and then say that little red dot is powerful and blah blah blah.........Then she say about some mystery haha my favourite because i like to listen to mystery, ghost and detective, because i am curious and i like to find out something interesting so i like to listen lor. Last week, my social studies teacher say about ghost story is at our school........OH MY GOD!!!!!!~ Our school have ghost..................Then today social studies teacher say about Siew Ching and Ding Hui Jian in love hahaha because teacher say girl cannot alway beat boy teacher also say if girl alway beat boy maybe will marry the boy OH MY GOD~ hahaha ( must respect boy, i also never respect they make me angry i just wanted them to die....) Then i thought that today Li xuan will not come to school because she yesterday say she have fever and wanted to vomit. So ya like that lor. But she still come to school haiz....... Then when she come to school i go touch her head still have fever so hot...... Our English teacher give us see a video clip say like passion for learning. My teacher say all the scientist have the passion for learning.......That all bye~

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today & Yesterday

WOW yesterday after school we all have tuition after tuition we wanted to play basketball but don't know why they don't play(because i also forget liao why they don't play). Then Li Wen go home first then Deon then Siew Ching so we all say BYE TT.......Then i , Li Xuan and Sylvia go to the library and borrow some of the book and then read book lor. HAHA then i borrow two book one is 《福尔摩斯侦探故事》( detective story) and 《Gone Missing》i borrow book because i read finish my book lah haha then i actually stay back until 3:30p.m. then become 4:oop.m. something then Sylvia and Li Xuan go home first then i go home. You know why i go home so late, it is because i waiting for my father come and fetch me home but because of raining so ya late lor. Then today i after school have tuition again so we stay back then i actually go home at 2:30p.m. but because my mother and my father go shopping a little while then i become 4:00p.m. come back home haiz but never have Li Wen, Li Xuan and Sylvia accompany me and then we play basketball then got like primary 1 or 2 come recess then some of the guy come to the basketball court and then take the basketball then go to the field and then they think that the basketball is a soccer ball go play soccer and then they wanted to go back to the hall then they never return the basketball and they just throw it in the some like arrrr.... exercise place then because the place is lock we cannot go in and take the ball so we tell them why throw the ball into that place then got one of the guy say blah blah blah then we say we going to tell Principal then we going to the canteen then i saw Tinzar then i tell the auntie and Tinzar i bring Tinzar there and Li xuan saying the story to the auntie then Li xuan saw that guy walk past them then they ask the guy then Li xuan say that the guy alway say sorry sorry sorry. Then we all tell Jie Qian to climb but he don't darn haha. Then got one guy playing soccer help us to take haha so good. That all from now Bye~!!!

Don't know which yesterday?

Today i saw that Xuan Xuan ( my uncle daughter) know how to walk but very slow but she now not only can walk 4 step now she also can walk until 10 step ( something can walk 10 step sometime more)WOW!!!!!~ COOL RIGHT~!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Today i go Hougang then my grandmother, my mother and my brother go and cut hair but i never cut because my hair too short liao still cut. Then we go eat lor then we go to NTUC to shopping then i saw a dog very cute so i go touch the dog haha. So soft and very cute i also want a dog but cannot , the dog very quiet and so small and he fur really very soft so i touch and touch haha.............Oh ya wish you all HAPPY VALENTINE DAY!!!!!!~hehe my sister with his friends go out (is a guy but i think is her boyfriend because very obviously) So like that lor bye~

Unlucky day????

Today i thought it was a unlucky day ,because it was 13/2/09 (Friday). But i think i was wrong because today English teacher give back our spelling paper so i get 18 over 20 so i got a lollipop from my English teacher haha. I was very happy but next week is dictation so scared. Then i draw a Dinotopia and i get 'A'. I was so happy then English teacher put it in to the board hahaha. Oh ya , yesterday i think i forgot to tell you all that ,yesterday i was been chooses by the Chinese comic so Chinese teacher want to put it in the board haha so happy. Then at Chinese lesson, chinese teacher was very angry because chinese spelling..........then the teacher say our group all need to copy textbook story then i was puzzled because i have parent signature, have do correction and have pass my chinese spelling why i need to copy. So i and the other friends accompany me and go tell chinese teacher, then he say i no need to copy, then i sigh a relief haiz...... Then i never win the Total Defence Blogging Competition but i still very happy because Li wen (in my class) win the Total Defence Blogging Competition haha .My homework so many haiz. SIAN SIA!!!!!!! Still have Situational Writing to do and something blah blah blah!!!!!........ ok lah Bye!!!!!!!!!~

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today spelling

Hi all , now primary 6 very chamm, really very chamm. We have alot of homework to do still have chinese spelling and english spelling haiz. I alway fail my english spelling alway get 9 over 20 so chamm lor. Today have english spelling again, but is different i know some of the word i think and i wish can pass bye~

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


HA HA hi all, yesterday i was using my computer to check have any homework, then i saw my English teacher blog have my name, then i look clearly then i saw i have been chooses to the Total Defence Blogging Competition. I was so happy ha ha and then today i go to the dentist then she help me to clean the teeth and then i say i want tie something at my teeth aiya don't know how to say la, then i want tie sia to make my teeth nicer. Haiz primary6 very chamm got PSLE scared i fail again. Then everyday have homework de ,so chamm lor haiz that all for now bye~

Sunday, February 8, 2009

yesterday and today

Yesterday we go to my father sister house. Their house is so big sia haha not so big la. Then they make food give us eat and we watch TV programm too then they give us see photo and the TV programm is so funny make me alway laugh until stomach pain. Then my father wanted to sing karaok but my mother say is to late so don't sing lor. haha like that only la. Then today i do my homework ya like that lor then i do la. So many homework and wanted have class test liao stress sia. And we still have chinese spelling and english spelling siao liao lor i wanted to faint liao haha ok lor bye~

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today after school i have tuition so we have to stay back so we never eat, go to the basketball court and play. Then we V.S Jie Qian haha then we lose la because we V.S 3 boy sia. Then like that lor just like that lor nothing interesting sia haha.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Today after school we have tuition so we stay back lor haha. Then i stay back until 4:oop.m. i thought the tuition end at 3:30 but is end at 3:00 so we have 1 hour to play. Then i , li xuan,sylvia,deon and siew ching playing sand haha. Cool right? no la just kidding haha. Then we do homework in the garden then because the sun shine on us very hot so we open umbelle and then do our work haha,then siew ching and li xuan go to toilet to wash hand but they wash so slow haiz haha. Then got one uncle come here and say haiz you all why at the garden? It so hot. Go there and study ba. Then we go to another place to study haha really very cool......Then i don't know math so sylvia teach me then i and deon copy down haha. Then siew ching and li xuan finally come and then siew ching mei mei also come haha. Then until 4:00p.m. sylvia, siew ching and li xuan go take a bus go home, then i and deon stay a little while because i wait for my father to bring me home and deon wait for his mei mei. Then my father call me i say i now go there then i got home lor haha that all bye~

Last friday

Last Friday i went to school then after recess we assembly at the hall then got 8 people at the stage singing a song. So nice is boy sing de haha nice..........Then got one guy look like mins sing a song is beat box cool sia haha really look like mins sia haha then they say bye bye to us because they sing finish le then because that day we have chinese spelling so we all don't want spelling so we all shout one more song one more song then they sing apologize haha nice song sia haha. Then that day no have chinese spelling haha. Then at night my family play mahjong again haha. That all bye~