Friday, February 27, 2009

So many days!!!!!

Hi got miss me haha just kidding lah i very long never post liao because i have many homework so no TIME!!!!! You all know primary 6 need to do many homework lah because PSLE haiz.Then last week i am sleeping then Li Xuan call me but i never listen because i very sian cannot get up then my mother tell me to eat bread so I STILL HAVE TO GET UP HAIZ!!!!! Then i go see my hand phone then i receive Pei Ni message(sms) so i go see lah she say got someone use Derek name my name and some other name to write some nasty things. Then first that guy use my name and say to Li Xuan in shout box in F word and say lame blog.........And then the next day i receive Pei Ni message then she say if i got home please on computer first so i do as she say so i on computer then i was very shock the person use my name and write in my English teacher shout box and say 'stupid Pei Ni' then not even me still have Derek,Angelo and Michelle..........very many lah. Then i wonder why the guy use our name and say this all nasty thing but the guy put our name why he put he hotmail??? So crazy but not crazy lah just we have prove that is the same person did because the time and the date ya like that lor but our English teacher only can find the ip number haiz cannot find the person.

Then i come back home i and my father mother go and eat. Then my father wanted to go home first then i and my mother go NTUC to shopping then we go in and but carrot and something blahhhhhh!!!!~ Then when we but finish we will shock that is raining is heavy rain so i say how to go home then my mother say like that walk home lor but then my mother saw that a corner have cardboard and she say let use the cardboard as an umbrella then i say OH MY GOD i don't want lah. But my mother say aiya never mind lah. So we take the cardboard as an umbrella go home haha it was so fun haha~ Then my father open the door and say why we are not wet then my mother kidding and lie and say got a handsome boy drive us home hahaha ok lah bye~
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