Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today & Yesterday

WOW yesterday after school we all have tuition after tuition we wanted to play basketball but don't know why they don't play(because i also forget liao why they don't play). Then Li Wen go home first then Deon then Siew Ching so we all say BYE TT.......Then i , Li Xuan and Sylvia go to the library and borrow some of the book and then read book lor. HAHA then i borrow two book one is 《福尔摩斯侦探故事》( detective story) and 《Gone Missing》i borrow book because i read finish my book lah haha then i actually stay back until 3:30p.m. then become 4:oop.m. something then Sylvia and Li Xuan go home first then i go home. You know why i go home so late, it is because i waiting for my father come and fetch me home but because of raining so ya late lor. Then today i after school have tuition again so we stay back then i actually go home at 2:30p.m. but because my mother and my father go shopping a little while then i become 4:00p.m. come back home haiz but never have Li Wen, Li Xuan and Sylvia accompany me and then we play basketball then got like primary 1 or 2 come recess then some of the guy come to the basketball court and then take the basketball then go to the field and then they think that the basketball is a soccer ball go play soccer and then they wanted to go back to the hall then they never return the basketball and they just throw it in the some like arrrr.... exercise place then because the place is lock we cannot go in and take the ball so we tell them why throw the ball into that place then got one of the guy say blah blah blah then we say we going to tell Principal then we going to the canteen then i saw Tinzar then i tell the auntie and Tinzar i bring Tinzar there and Li xuan saying the story to the auntie then Li xuan saw that guy walk past them then they ask the guy then Li xuan say that the guy alway say sorry sorry sorry. Then we all tell Jie Qian to climb but he don't darn haha. Then got one guy playing soccer help us to take haha so good. That all from now Bye~!!!
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