Monday, February 2, 2009


Today after school we have tuition so we stay back lor haha. Then i stay back until 4:oop.m. i thought the tuition end at 3:30 but is end at 3:00 so we have 1 hour to play. Then i , li xuan,sylvia,deon and siew ching playing sand haha. Cool right? no la just kidding haha. Then we do homework in the garden then because the sun shine on us very hot so we open umbelle and then do our work haha,then siew ching and li xuan go to toilet to wash hand but they wash so slow haiz haha. Then got one uncle come here and say haiz you all why at the garden? It so hot. Go there and study ba. Then we go to another place to study haha really very cool......Then i don't know math so sylvia teach me then i and deon copy down haha. Then siew ching and li xuan finally come and then siew ching mei mei also come haha. Then until 4:00p.m. sylvia, siew ching and li xuan go take a bus go home, then i and deon stay a little while because i wait for my father to bring me home and deon wait for his mei mei. Then my father call me i say i now go there then i got home lor haha that all bye~
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