Saturday, February 14, 2009

Unlucky day????

Today i thought it was a unlucky day ,because it was 13/2/09 (Friday). But i think i was wrong because today English teacher give back our spelling paper so i get 18 over 20 so i got a lollipop from my English teacher haha. I was very happy but next week is dictation so scared. Then i draw a Dinotopia and i get 'A'. I was so happy then English teacher put it in to the board hahaha. Oh ya , yesterday i think i forgot to tell you all that ,yesterday i was been chooses by the Chinese comic so Chinese teacher want to put it in the board haha so happy. Then at Chinese lesson, chinese teacher was very angry because chinese spelling..........then the teacher say our group all need to copy textbook story then i was puzzled because i have parent signature, have do correction and have pass my chinese spelling why i need to copy. So i and the other friends accompany me and go tell chinese teacher, then he say i no need to copy, then i sigh a relief haiz...... Then i never win the Total Defence Blogging Competition but i still very happy because Li wen (in my class) win the Total Defence Blogging Competition haha .My homework so many haiz. SIAN SIA!!!!!!! Still have Situational Writing to do and something blah blah blah!!!!!........ ok lah Bye!!!!!!!!!~
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