Friday, February 20, 2009

Yesterday???? Today??? which day lah???

Yesterday, yesterday & yesterday our social studies teacher say about little red dot and then say that little red dot is powerful and blah blah blah.........Then she say about some mystery haha my favourite because i like to listen to mystery, ghost and detective, because i am curious and i like to find out something interesting so i like to listen lor. Last week, my social studies teacher say about ghost story is at our school........OH MY GOD!!!!!!~ Our school have ghost..................Then today social studies teacher say about Siew Ching and Ding Hui Jian in love hahaha because teacher say girl cannot alway beat boy teacher also say if girl alway beat boy maybe will marry the boy OH MY GOD~ hahaha ( must respect boy, i also never respect they make me angry i just wanted them to die....) Then i thought that today Li xuan will not come to school because she yesterday say she have fever and wanted to vomit. So ya like that lor. But she still come to school haiz....... Then when she come to school i go touch her head still have fever so hot...... Our English teacher give us see a video clip say like passion for learning. My teacher say all the scientist have the passion for learning.......That all bye~
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