Friday, February 20, 2009


Then yesterday we go to the computer lab and then we need to do powerpoint at least 5 powerpoint. Then i only do one haha no time to do. Then when i reach home i found that i have 4 comment . Then i go see , first is Deon, second is Joleen third and forth i wanted delete but i never delete.Then today not so many homework ya . Then i call Li Xuan, she say she wanted to quited anklung and then join guitar. But if i have the chance to join CCA i would like to join badminton but my mum not allow me to join because later nobody bring home blah blah blah .........Then i tell my mother to give me spelling ( dictation key word) then my mum say she don't know how to read blah blah blah then she a read a call luxurious then she say oh ya, you put the shampoo to the wrong place make me mess up, the hair shampoo i go wash body, the body shampoo i go wash hair then i say really hahaha...... Then my mother say she wanted to scold me but forgot haha.......
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