Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Haiz......Haiz......HAIZ........Sian ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okay sorry i just wanted to tell you all my P.E. test fail i mean sit and reach lah haiz fail by 1 mark lor idiot sia haiz nevermind just like that BYE~

Monday, March 30, 2009


Today i think i very unlucky lor because i vomit in school i mean in school outside the door haiz.....Li Xuan even worse she not vomit lah she very chamm always let that DHJ sexual harassment i mean word only lah haiz......Oh yah sometime when i am free i will put some math question or science question or chinese question or english question you all can put in the blog or write in paper then at school give me(only those who know me) I will see your blog or paper then put the correct in the blog because i don't like people cheat. HAIZ ok lah BYE~

Saturday, March 28, 2009

yesterday happy today the most happy

Yesterday and yesterday have fire drill then very siao lor we climb the stair twice time haiz ......Then today 27/3/2009 Friday you know why i write date because today i very very happy hahahaha because i reach my chinese target then i have certificate haha.... Then when the teacher call my name then i go up to the stage i mean not stage lah aiya don't know how to say lah then i go up then the vice principal shake my hand and say wow Fann Ong congratulation then i say thank you. Haha this is the first time i go up to the stage and get certificate and shake hand with principal haha so i very happy.^^

Sunday, March 22, 2009


HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!!!!~ But holiday is going to over hahahahaha between i was not so happy to go back school haha. OK I just wanted to tell you all i yesterday is the second time go eat long john sliver wow nice sia so yummy then i saw RAINBOW this is the first time i saw rainbow then yesterday my mother brother come then he send me the ghost video is real want this is the thing i wanted to do is to let my friend see the video hahaha but don't scare not scary at all just relax i never lie not scary really i mean it ok lah BYE~

Monday, March 9, 2009


Today is Monday haiz then Michelle give us present because she birthday. I mean not today birthday is yesterday so yah she wanted to give present to our class. Then i also have sad thing but then i still don't want to say forget about it, but in my class i think they will know what i talking about, i talking about is my class test result haiz bye~

Many Many Many Day

Last Friday, i never go to school but go to the Yio Chu Kang stadium because is SPORTS DAY~~~~ so yah then we never go to the school lah then the school bus directly bring us to Yio Chu Kang stadium.....Then we got to the Yio Chu Kang stadium i go to Mr Ong there and take attendance. Then we any how sit first then we heard the announcement so we all go to the track there then they will say ruby sit where, Topaz sit where........Then we sit down and cheer for our friends and our houses then very hot there because we sit under the hot sun. So i ran up then we sit down. Then really really really very hot and very thirsty then I and Li Wen go to the restroom then very windy there haha then i came out of the toilet and then wash my hand and then wash my face then i saw that our cheerleader actually headache and wanted to faint liao. Haiz......I think is the hot sun because really very hot then like very dizzy like that wanted to faint. Then we cheer again. Haiz............Then finally got home haiz............very tired..........haiz~

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today i was very sad because i fail my English MCQ and math MCQ haiz...........actually i pass my English MCQ but i say i do wrong 2 question haiz then i give to teacher tell him then i fail MATH ALSO fail haiz~because i think honest is the one that i do is correct, i cannot tell my parent that i actually pass my English then i tell my English teacher to mark wrong because later they will say i so stupid..................Then we today have Chinese test i do lor then so-so i think i cannot get high mark as i never learn Chinese haiz............Then after school i have tuition my friend also have then we sit together then suddenly Pei Ni shout then she throw the coin out of HER PLATS OH MY GOODNESS haha is 10cent then they say eekkkkk then Peini tell me to take the coin because she don't want......Then Deon give me 3 choice 1) give to general office. 2)give back to the stall. 3) keep it. Then i choose 2 give back to the stall haha so i say honest is the best.........Then my father always fetch me home then my father ride motorcycle, then half way got a student in a van say hi to me and laugh but i don't who is them i just felt like want to scold them and say got so funny ah huh? Feel like wanted them to die then i thought in my mind and say ride on motorcycle so lose faces i prefer go home by my own............Then i thought again why lose face just don't care them ,ride motorcycle is good have wind blow past me and so comfortable.........haiz...........................Tomorrow science haiz must JIAYOU!!!!! liao haiz because i think my math and English will fail so i only need Chinese and science to pass i think is impossible but Li Xuan say: " impossible is mean i'm possible!!!!!!!!!" Then when i reach at the carpark then my father say my mother vomit then i thought it was crying then i say why mother cry then my father say IS VOMIT LAH!!!!!! okok because the same tone as chinese so i thought is cry haha, my mother sick sia sad..........o_o...........

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


OH MY GOD today have math test haha yesterday have English test sure fail de math too.........So difficult..........when i do section C then i do lor then after the test i walk to Pei Ni there and she say my answer wrong because she answer got write in the tissue paper haha i do section C then i have confident that i will pass but now no have liao because i think i have many sum do wrong haiz................Tomorrow have Chinese test but ok my Chinese is so-so then i am now worry about Science because English,Math and Science this 3 subject i always fail haiz....................Then after school we have tuition then tuition finish i and Li Xuan haha very funny we walk around in school then we sit down at the Eco-garden chair then i say let revision our Chinese then we read then become acting hahahahahahaha because our Chinese book some have two person talk so i and Li Xuan haha don't know how to say lah just very funny haha because we acting then we keep on laughing and laughing haha then our english teacher walk past then he say very good reading haha until now i still find it funny i mean li xuan and me haha.....Then i go home haiz.............If i go home myself I can walk home with Li Xuan because same place waiting for bus and MRT ya i wanted to cry T_T haha............

Monday, March 2, 2009


Today have class test then i scared i will fail because very difficult Haiz......Then our English teacher say that we have class test but the tuition still have after school haha. Then after school also after tuition then we go to the library. Then me,Sylvia and Li Xuan and Deon go to the library.......Then we go find book..........Then Sylvia suddenly say she don't know can borrow book ma because the library book got lend it to Siew Ching then she go sms Siew Ching say got return book then Siew Ching say have but then suddenly Sylvia say later she lie or something blah blah blah then really Siew Ching never return the book haiz then sylvia cannot borrow her book sian sia. Then she sms to Siew Ching again and say You never return the book blah blah blah haiz this is why i also never lend book to Siew Ching because i don't really believe her.............Oh ya and then i change earring but i don't know teacher will scold ma because i also don't know why haha then is my mother tell me to change i know why but don't know how to say haiz........

Last Friday and don't know what thing haha.

Last Friday, we assembly in the hall then a teacher say that primary 5 and 6 have programm to see, so we cheer..........then a teacher is school counsellor then she say what stress something blah blah blah then suddenly P.E. teacher say that the sport something blah blah blah stand up then got many people go and then i was shock that almost 6.10 class pupils all go then don't know who say that they are sport class so yah they sure will go de. Suddenly Sanjay handphone ring then because he is sport tah then he leave his bag at the hall then we heard his handphine rang then we wanted to off but we all scare that if we take out the phone the phone sound will like ring even loudly so we never do anything then dereck say let listening to music haha......Then we all thought that the phone music were stop but no, the phone music never stop and even more louder. Then assembly finish our english teacher come then nobody know how to off the phone because the word is tamil then like that lor yah, i forgot to say something because Li Wen say that very noise then she put Sanjay bag upside down haha. Then i thought that have spelling but no have then i sigh a relief haha because i never learn haha. Then after school i go home then like that lor. Then Saturday my father off day from work then we all go out and eat dinner but i say must before 9:30p.m. go home because i want see 爱就仔一起. Then we go home like that only haha. Then we eat curry fish head haha don't know how to say lah, Bye.