Monday, March 2, 2009

Last Friday and don't know what thing haha.

Last Friday, we assembly in the hall then a teacher say that primary 5 and 6 have programm to see, so we cheer..........then a teacher is school counsellor then she say what stress something blah blah blah then suddenly P.E. teacher say that the sport something blah blah blah stand up then got many people go and then i was shock that almost 6.10 class pupils all go then don't know who say that they are sport class so yah they sure will go de. Suddenly Sanjay handphone ring then because he is sport tah then he leave his bag at the hall then we heard his handphine rang then we wanted to off but we all scare that if we take out the phone the phone sound will like ring even loudly so we never do anything then dereck say let listening to music haha......Then we all thought that the phone music were stop but no, the phone music never stop and even more louder. Then assembly finish our english teacher come then nobody know how to off the phone because the word is tamil then like that lor yah, i forgot to say something because Li Wen say that very noise then she put Sanjay bag upside down haha. Then i thought that have spelling but no have then i sigh a relief haha because i never learn haha. Then after school i go home then like that lor. Then Saturday my father off day from work then we all go out and eat dinner but i say must before 9:30p.m. go home because i want see 爱就仔一起. Then we go home like that only haha. Then we eat curry fish head haha don't know how to say lah, Bye.
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