Monday, March 2, 2009


Today have class test then i scared i will fail because very difficult Haiz......Then our English teacher say that we have class test but the tuition still have after school haha. Then after school also after tuition then we go to the library. Then me,Sylvia and Li Xuan and Deon go to the library.......Then we go find book..........Then Sylvia suddenly say she don't know can borrow book ma because the library book got lend it to Siew Ching then she go sms Siew Ching say got return book then Siew Ching say have but then suddenly Sylvia say later she lie or something blah blah blah then really Siew Ching never return the book haiz then sylvia cannot borrow her book sian sia. Then she sms to Siew Ching again and say You never return the book blah blah blah haiz this is why i also never lend book to Siew Ching because i don't really believe her.............Oh ya and then i change earring but i don't know teacher will scold ma because i also don't know why haha then is my mother tell me to change i know why but don't know how to say haiz........
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