Tuesday, April 7, 2009

how many yesterday too???

Today we go to the national museum of singapore then very fun and a little bit scary because it very dark when we reach there i was very excited then we take photo.....Then got one girl is work at there give us a big don't know lah like i.pop then a earphone then the girl say when we go in we must look at the floor because have number then we need to press so we say ok.....Then we are the last group who go in then mr ong at behind shout at us say wait for me i lost then he laugh and say only one way how can i lost haha then we also laugh.....Then we have earphone then we heard, answer question and heard the thing say hahaha. Ok still have inside have many picture but some of them cannot use flash but siew ching and mr ong forgot to off the flash then haiz then they take photo and my impression is a picture full of people then inside the picture the drawing lah have ghost haha i like that picture i also don't know why i like it. Ok i try to put picture but i don't know how the phone picture how to transfer to computer and peini like say need memory but i not enough memory haiz....Then at the museum then we smell the thing then very smelly some of them like vomit smell then pepper smell make me wanted to vomit and other more i still wish can go again...
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