Friday, April 17, 2009


Today is friday then we have no tuition but we still need to stay back from school haiz is all because of mr koo =_= haiz because he forgot to take our chinese composition then we after school need to take then also our science teacher put us so late then we need to find mr koo but we can't find him don't know where he gone haiz................So i call my father so he bring me back home. Then we first find mr koo liao then give back the chinese coposition liao then second deon go home liao, sylvia also go home liao....Then only me and li xuan then we studies and talk about primary 1 and 2 thing......third my father call me then i go outside the school because my father come liao so when we walk outside we saw a man walking then she ask us where is the concert because they perform a tamil dance then we saw many tamil people come. So i and li xuan tell him that is at the home then we point and tell him where......Then li xuan walk then i stood there because my father there ma. Then got a tamil man he ride motorcycle then he stop at there i mean the road there then he push he motorcycle at the school outside then i think he have not enough energy because no motorcycle fall then my father gone up and help him then i felt that actually my father really good haha that all bye oh ya i, li xuan and my father did a good deed i very appreciate have this father and li xuan my friend
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