Friday, April 17, 2009


Hi, i so long never post liao because i am busy with my homework and i lazy to post haha. So I tell you all last Tuesday i have tuition so we stay back afther school. Then we tuition finish i and li xuan is the last one who gone out to the classroom then Mr Alan Tan tell us to stop and help him take the thing then we take lor but very funny haha then we put the material back to the other class i mean science room lah then we go down to the staircase then li xuan say i thought e are going to the locker to put thing then i say yes then we climb the staircase again then we at the locker liao hor then no one open the locker because we mistaken i say li xuan i thought you want to put thing inside then she say no and say i thought you say you want to put thing inside then i say no then we laugh again haha........
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