Friday, May 22, 2009


Oh ya just now forgot to say that i have make a quiz blog liao visit here


Today i was super super HAPPY because my science finally PASS haha 50 mark just pass only but i still very happy because i so long never pass liao excluding chinese..... But then i scared that my last year science mark will pull down then i will fail TT so sad then my chinese pass to and is the higher mark in 6.4 class ,yes i win ding hui jian so happy and siew ching and chew jian win him too haha. Then my math fail lah of course de because i hate math alot and so diffcult too. haiz then my english fail too siao liao lah haiz nevermind i will jiayou de bye~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Make a new blog

Hi everybody is me again. I just wanted to tell you all that i will make a new blog but is not personal lah is about math, science, English and Chinese test i will give you quiz then you answer in your blog or write down on a pieces of paper just like that and maybe i will give you all a present if all correct or higher mark

Last friday

Oh hi last Friday is xuan lin birthday then xuan lin give our class a goodies bag each. Then we give her a birthday gift is a pencil holder(i think so lah)!!!!!!!! If you all wanted to know more about xuan lin birthday please go visit my friend sylvia blog thank.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Hi everybody so long never post liao because exam then we need to study and revising our work THEN I NOT FREE TO POST actually i also lazy to post haha. OK that all haiz.......i very worry my exam too because it is so DIFFICULT haiz..........sure fail............Bye T_T.