Friday, June 19, 2009


Haiz..... School holiday is kind of .........don't know how to say lah haiz is like very sian like that lor then got so many homework need to do..........I only got 2 day to finish my homework haiz........But however i and my sister still chiong boy over flower haha....

Monday, June 8, 2009


Yesterday is a very tiring day haiz.........I go out with my sister we go to Hougang........We walk around buying things.......We buy a birthday cake to my father as his birthday is near but we early celebrate (yesterday celebrate).......We buy notebook then i buy one big notebook my sister buy alot of small notebook.......We buy some food because mother call us to buy then we buy bubble tea too then we buy newspaper aiya alot of stuff lah then very heavy then my hand very tired......Then my sister a little bit headache because yesterday got raining mah then we....yah i think you all know what i mean......Then go back home i go bath then i watch TV then later the TV show finish i go watch youtube the boy over flower everyone alway chiong the boy over flower i wish i can but the disc but too gui liao lor haiz......If my computer never alway DC i and my sister sure chiong until finish de.......

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Yesterday is a very tiring day haiz....We go to Ang Mo Kio Central then go shopping walk walk then we go eat then we saw ming xing the nickname called ahlamah!?! sorry don't know how to spell lah. Then when we eat finish we go to the MRT because we wanted to go Yishun JC to see my sister performing band.....Then the first group is singing then i like very sian then i wanted to sleep then my father even worst lor he really sleep leh lol. Then i wake him up lor then second group is don't know what liao le lah so sian.....Then last group is band our sister group then i very chamm lor you all know what happening i only have 2 hand take 3 handphone haiz cos my mother tell me to don't know what lah then i use my mother handphone record the music, my father handphone to video then my handphone capture some of the photo lor sian then after the concert finish we waited for our sister lor then go eat then go home then i very sian i go bath then sleep just like that lor then i wish i can buy the boy over flower TT but cannot too gui liao lor haiz.....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today very happy

Today i very happy because we go to the East Coast Park haha then i don't know how to ride bicycle but i still rent the bicycle. Although i don't know how to ride but i learn but still cannot haiz... I very sad but then Peini, Lixuan , Li wen , Sylvia and siew ching say to me jiayou don't give up. =) Then i really never give up then finally i know how to ride haha Peini also know how to ride too then we ride together =). And also the Mr Koo our chinese teacher keep on taking picture on my classmate and me because i scold him ma then he want to capture my picture more. But i also got capture his picture haha Good right ~ haha ok lah bye. Oh ya i forgot to say that my friend really very good Peini also don't know how to ride bicycle but she now know how to ride then she teach me then tinzar, siew ching teach me. Thank you ~=) i love you all very much.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Halo~ is me again, wow so long never post liao. Because i very busy and very lazy to post haha, please forgive me haha. Okay, i think many children is very happy as it was June Holiday it also mean that children no need to go to school lah. Wow so good~ as we are primary six so we need to go back to school for tuition like today. But we also have class outing on 3/6/09 haha, we go to the East Coast Park haha and we need to take money as because Sylvia will teach me how to ride a bicycle haha but then we also have free meal( i think so lah ). Then today we have tuition lah, then we are so early to get to school and i thought i was late for school haha, how stupid i am. Then we have English and Math for tuition today but then my bag is so heavy then i also help myself to take my homework and Deon homework because Deon go to chalet wow, i wish i can go. But then she say it was fun but suck haiz.... Then today we go take free book haha so happy. Then i take three books then Li Xuan take 3 books too same as me ^^. okay lah, That all for this posting Bye~