Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today very happy

Today i very happy because we go to the East Coast Park haha then i don't know how to ride bicycle but i still rent the bicycle. Although i don't know how to ride but i learn but still cannot haiz... I very sad but then Peini, Lixuan , Li wen , Sylvia and siew ching say to me jiayou don't give up. =) Then i really never give up then finally i know how to ride haha Peini also know how to ride too then we ride together =). And also the Mr Koo our chinese teacher keep on taking picture on my classmate and me because i scold him ma then he want to capture my picture more. But i also got capture his picture haha Good right ~ haha ok lah bye. Oh ya i forgot to say that my friend really very good Peini also don't know how to ride bicycle but she now know how to ride then she teach me then tinzar, siew ching teach me. Thank you ~=) i love you all very much.
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