Monday, June 1, 2009


Halo~ is me again, wow so long never post liao. Because i very busy and very lazy to post haha, please forgive me haha. Okay, i think many children is very happy as it was June Holiday it also mean that children no need to go to school lah. Wow so good~ as we are primary six so we need to go back to school for tuition like today. But we also have class outing on 3/6/09 haha, we go to the East Coast Park haha and we need to take money as because Sylvia will teach me how to ride a bicycle haha but then we also have free meal( i think so lah ). Then today we have tuition lah, then we are so early to get to school and i thought i was late for school haha, how stupid i am. Then we have English and Math for tuition today but then my bag is so heavy then i also help myself to take my homework and Deon homework because Deon go to chalet wow, i wish i can go. But then she say it was fun but suck haiz.... Then today we go take free book haha so happy. Then i take three books then Li Xuan take 3 books too same as me ^^. okay lah, That all for this posting Bye~
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