Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Today i quite angry de because when i got home, then i go bath then i go eat dinner then my brother don't know is coughing or sneezing then he never cover his mouth then he mouth inside the thing all come out then then my face my body and my hair all have like rice for example......Then i shout at him then my mother scold me keep on shouting then i was like very angry and sad then my father scold my brother heehee=) then my mother also scold my brother.....Then i go take my clothes and GO BATH AGAIN IDIOT BROTHER!!!!!!~Then i receive li wen sms.......Then when i finish bathing i call her then we chat and i talk about my brother and some other things blah blah blah~ Then when i finish talking to her i on computer to go pet society and blog......But also have some interesting things like today is children day eve then our school and teacher got give us somethings like Mr Ong and Mr Leow give us tibits and sweets then Mr Koo Give us panda Then Mr Alan Tan give us sweets and our school give us pencil and ruler lol then Mrs nam give us lollipop yummy then she say we hold our lollipop and together say HAPPY CHILDREN DAY!!!~ then we all quickly put our lollipop into our mouth haha=D....Then after that Siew Ching say she want whole class picture then is like we keep on taking photo lor idiot I don't like lor......Then Mr Koo ask us who don't like panda then after that our children day present is panda then those who don't like panda don't have haha so funny......Then we go to the Mr Alan Tan class then he go though P3 science and some of the tips about english, math and science......he so good lor haha....Oh yah we have 1 hour recess then i only eat bread then go to the class, Li wen teach me math haha thank you!~=) Then Mrs Nam play the don't know what game lor very lame but funny.....Ok let talk back about Mr Alan Tan class ok.....Then Mr Alan Tan want taking photo then we take lor then Mr Tan run very funny haha....Oh yah forgot to say that P2 or P3 give us card tell us to jia you, i receive one card is from Shalini he/she say Dear Fann, I wish you score high marks for your P.S.L.E......Then i was like very gan dong haha.....When i free i will upload some picture de Okay anyway HAPPY CHILDREN DAY!!!!~

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

yesterday yesterday and yesterday and today!~

I will talk about yesterday yesterday or yesterday things i will mix up the story because when i think for things that is interesting i will quickly type down here. I think is yesterday yesterday have on air conditional and my mother,father and brother go to the wedding..... And in the morning my mother teeth drop i mean in to half funny......Oh yah this one i remember haha is yesterday tuition is 3:00p.m. but i say is 3:30p.m. so i with Li wen and deon, siew ching tell me to go bubble tea shop but i say i don't want to go.....Then we at the canteen there then i deon wait for her father and li wen is waiting for her school bus to bring her homework.....Then when deon father came deon said good bye to us then later is li wen and me because i waiting for li xuan too......Then i, li xuan and michelle go until half way li xuan check her handphone then she saw that Joleen sms to her say her english worksheet at miss chan table and then don't know is a bee or a fly keep following li xuan haha=) then until school we all run to the HOD to take the paper but then the HOD room was locked so that mean they all go MEETING then li xuan run to the general office then they say no key but then got one FAS people go open the door for us to look for the paper but it was no a vain then the people like tell us to go out.....Then at the staircase we saw Mr Ong then we all faster run there to tell mr ong, then mr ong say bye bye to the person his talking to and then li xuan ask for the paper then mr ong say oh is at my table then they go there and take......But only li xuan and michelle got receive the paper bee ching don't have because she not with us.....Then when li xuan go in to the HOD room i and michelle at outside wait then we saw that fly or bee again haha then i and michelle was laughing........Then when we recieve the paper we walk home.....Then forgot to say that at 88 bus i saw my sister and her boyfriend........Then the FAS give us a bottle and a teddy bear is free.....then i just buy a bottle now give me one bottle if i know early i will not buy the bottle haiz.....Today nothing interesting only alot of homework!!!~Got one thing i very angry is don't know who broke my water bottle make until my homework worksheet all wet!!!~That why i buy new water bottle haiz.....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Today and some yesterday thing

Yesterday i forgot to say something.......My brother go to the science centre and his hand got make don't know what thing lah later i will upload his hand picture.....And the doughtnut too heehee.....And Rommel say he and Jie Qian on Tv but i never saw them so maybe when i am free i will go youtube see once again....Yesterday a little unhappy because my homework until now haven do finish Ah!!!~ ok nevermind yesterday my sister go pet society fishing......You know she got the fish i don't have and then i wasted 4000 dollar....To have that fish but to my dissappointment don't have the fish i want TT.....ok now i going to upload picture.....
heehee this is my brother.......=)
This is my brother hand picture althought a little bit blurrr ~_~
This is the doughtnut haha =D

Friday, September 25, 2009


Don't know is yesterday and yesterday or yesterday eat doughnut.....I have the photo of doughnut later the picture i will post it to blog heehee......Last Friday is my most happiest day because i and li wen stay back until very late i mean aiya just stay until the rain stop but the rain seem not to stop you know then we wait for li wen brother, i so happy when i saw li wen brother he so cute heehee.....=) then when li wen brother came, i say the rain will not stop de let go home ba but li wen say she never bring umbrella.....Then we know a auntie luckly the auntie kind enough to lend her umbrella.....Then i, li wen and li wen brother walk home like very sweet like that haha.....Then when we are at the traffic light we wait for the green to go then a car drove very fast then the water splash on me and li wen brother haha.....Then we walk to the bus station then because my shoes have hole in it so have water inside then i make my shoes upside down so that the water coming out, li wen brother do the same too heehee....because his shoes also have hole.......Ok let talk about today.....Today Joshua very haha=) Very funny, in blog i cannot say because is secret haha i will forever remember it haha....Then nothing really interesting haiz........Now playing pet society and restaurant city.....And some of the sad thing i will not say it because i want happy de blog heehee....

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Today nothing very interesting......=X But something that i find interesting is jie qian the joker.....Haiz don't know how to say him lah. He use rubber band to tie his hair and learn how to look like a frog lol.....And his nickname is auntie lucy haha very funny......ok......i only know that today SO MANY HOMEWORK I WANT TO DIE LE HAIZ......=X so many homework sure today cannot finish de. Siew ching said because we wanted to have PSLE le so many homework is correct de haiz idiot lor i mean the homework not her....Oh yah today i say post picture right haha =D.

This is my drawing! =D

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Many yesterday and today!

I never post anything the last 2 days le sorry =P. Ok let talk about last Monday, all things have going wrong, i get scolded by my mother for keep on playing computer and not studying.....And my homework never do finish.....Then it is true that day i do until midnight homework also never do finish haiz......ok now let talk about yesterday.......Actually yesterday nothing really very interesting the only interesting things i become their family haha.....fake want but very brother is rommel, my big sister is deon, my second sister is siew ching, and then also can counted that timothy is my second brother ba because i also don't know is siew ching say de......yesterday my homework very early then do finish le......haha......because yesterday i have chinese tuition then i need to stay back after school so after school i stay back lor.......Then after tuition i, siew ching, rommel and timothy together walk to the bubble tea shop to buy bubble tea then i also buy one bubble tea to drink.....Then i please my mother to allow me go with siew ching to the library to study.....Then my mother agree haha....But then siew ching say change places lah i don't want go to the library go to MacDonald and study lah then i say okok then we go to there and study then siew ching buy a fried potato and eat i then she share share so i also eat too..... Then we do our homework (math) so difficult lor i keep on asking siew ching how to do....Then finally i need to go home le because my mother say 5:30 p.m. before must go home so siew ching bring to the bus station then she say take 88 all the way to your house she say i no need to change bus so i listen to her. Then when i reach home i go eat dinner and then bathe and then do homework and then sleep......ok now let talk about today, today nothing very interesting....but i know i have many homework haiz, so many homework that i think i couldn't finish le.....Oh yah today i finally upload my picture to the computer le i mean is my drawing lah haha......Maybe later or tomorrow upload my picture lor......Ok lah bye.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eating finish cake! =D

Yay!!!! Finally i eat finish my mother birthday cake haha=-D the cake is yummy haha=D i like it very much.......haha=D last thurday or.........i don't know i forgot liao i got one thing that make me feel very angry.......That is Pei Ni one of my friend ok i am here to say the story, in class when Mr ong is going though math paper to see if someone understand or don't understand the math question then got one question i wrong then i put up my hand then i found our that only me wrong i was so embarrassed then Pei ni like shout like that say Huh? you don't know this question, this question very easy leh....Then i was like very angry but because she is my friend i don't want to angry with her so i kept quiet then got another question is I, Deon and Jie Qian wrong then Pei Ni like shout again and say huh? this question very easy leh then i was like very angry but i still bear it but then i suddenly heard Deon shout at Pei Ni and say Lim Pei Ni can't you shut up your mouth, you very pro lah! Then i got a very weird feeling the feeling is like very happy like that haiz......Ok nevermind now let talk happy thing is my mother finally allow me to go home by myself and i very happy then i can go out with my friends to bubble tea shop or somewhere else near haha yay.....^^ok i will be posting some of my drawing haha ok lah bye.....

Long time no post...

Hi everyone, long time no post le.....I am so sorry that i never post for so long because i very lazy haha....Between i am addicted to facebook, i addicted to the game like pet society haiz.....I have many story to share with you all. But luckily, some interesting and happy things i have written down in my dairy book.....The diary book is Sylvia Tan buy for me as my birthday present. HAHA..... So when i free i will tell you all some of my diary book what have i write in it. Now talk about today haha.....Today is my mother birthday, i and my sister lie to my mother say we go shopping and go to the library study but unfortunately i and my sister is going to hougang to buy durian cake to our mother but to our disappointment there no have any durian cake haiz....TT.... so i and my sister buy chocolate mousse cake haha.... then we don't know go to which shop then i buy 1 pen my sister buy 1 pencil. After that we go home then we still go to the 7-11 to choose the miss and mr thingy haiz i never choose my mr bump TT.... The rommel have mr bump sia haiz.....Then now we got home so i on computer to write all about this haha.....ok lah i looking forward tonight because i wanted to eat my chocolate cake haha.....yummy.......bye bye....