Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eating finish cake! =D

Yay!!!! Finally i eat finish my mother birthday cake haha=-D the cake is yummy haha=D i like it very much.......haha=D last thurday or.........i don't know i forgot liao i got one thing that make me feel very angry.......That is Pei Ni one of my friend ok i am here to say the story, in class when Mr ong is going though math paper to see if someone understand or don't understand the math question then got one question i wrong then i put up my hand then i found our that only me wrong i was so embarrassed then Pei ni like shout like that say Huh? you don't know this question, this question very easy leh....Then i was like very angry but because she is my friend i don't want to angry with her so i kept quiet then got another question is I, Deon and Jie Qian wrong then Pei Ni like shout again and say huh? this question very easy leh then i was like very angry but i still bear it but then i suddenly heard Deon shout at Pei Ni and say Lim Pei Ni can't you shut up your mouth, you very pro lah! Then i got a very weird feeling the feeling is like very happy like that haiz......Ok nevermind now let talk happy thing is my mother finally allow me to go home by myself and i very happy then i can go out with my friends to bubble tea shop or somewhere else near haha yay.....^^ok i will be posting some of my drawing haha ok lah bye.....
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