Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Many yesterday and today!

I never post anything the last 2 days le sorry =P. Ok let talk about last Monday, all things have going wrong, i get scolded by my mother for keep on playing computer and not studying.....And my homework never do finish.....Then it is true that day i do until midnight homework also never do finish haiz......ok now let talk about yesterday.......Actually yesterday nothing really very interesting the only interesting things i become their family haha.....fake want but very brother is rommel, my big sister is deon, my second sister is siew ching, and then also can counted that timothy is my second brother ba because i also don't know is siew ching say de......yesterday my homework very early then do finish le......haha......because yesterday i have chinese tuition then i need to stay back after school so after school i stay back lor.......Then after tuition i, siew ching, rommel and timothy together walk to the bubble tea shop to buy bubble tea then i also buy one bubble tea to drink.....Then i please my mother to allow me go with siew ching to the library to study.....Then my mother agree haha....But then siew ching say change places lah i don't want go to the library go to MacDonald and study lah then i say okok then we go to there and study then siew ching buy a fried potato and eat i then she share share so i also eat too..... Then we do our homework (math) so difficult lor i keep on asking siew ching how to do....Then finally i need to go home le because my mother say 5:30 p.m. before must go home so siew ching bring to the bus station then she say take 88 all the way to your house she say i no need to change bus so i listen to her. Then when i reach home i go eat dinner and then bathe and then do homework and then sleep......ok now let talk about today, today nothing very interesting....but i know i have many homework haiz, so many homework that i think i couldn't finish le.....Oh yah today i finally upload my picture to the computer le i mean is my drawing lah haha......Maybe later or tomorrow upload my picture lor......Ok lah bye.
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