Sunday, September 27, 2009

Today and some yesterday thing

Yesterday i forgot to say something.......My brother go to the science centre and his hand got make don't know what thing lah later i will upload his hand picture.....And the doughtnut too heehee.....And Rommel say he and Jie Qian on Tv but i never saw them so maybe when i am free i will go youtube see once again....Yesterday a little unhappy because my homework until now haven do finish Ah!!!~ ok nevermind yesterday my sister go pet society fishing......You know she got the fish i don't have and then i wasted 4000 dollar....To have that fish but to my dissappointment don't have the fish i want TT.....ok now i going to upload picture.....
heehee this is my brother.......=)
This is my brother hand picture althought a little bit blurrr ~_~
This is the doughtnut haha =D
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