Friday, September 25, 2009


Don't know is yesterday and yesterday or yesterday eat doughnut.....I have the photo of doughnut later the picture i will post it to blog heehee......Last Friday is my most happiest day because i and li wen stay back until very late i mean aiya just stay until the rain stop but the rain seem not to stop you know then we wait for li wen brother, i so happy when i saw li wen brother he so cute heehee.....=) then when li wen brother came, i say the rain will not stop de let go home ba but li wen say she never bring umbrella.....Then we know a auntie luckly the auntie kind enough to lend her umbrella.....Then i, li wen and li wen brother walk home like very sweet like that haha.....Then when we are at the traffic light we wait for the green to go then a car drove very fast then the water splash on me and li wen brother haha.....Then we walk to the bus station then because my shoes have hole in it so have water inside then i make my shoes upside down so that the water coming out, li wen brother do the same too heehee....because his shoes also have hole.......Ok let talk about today.....Today Joshua very haha=) Very funny, in blog i cannot say because is secret haha i will forever remember it haha....Then nothing really interesting haiz........Now playing pet society and restaurant city.....And some of the sad thing i will not say it because i want happy de blog heehee....
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