Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Today i quite angry de because when i got home, then i go bath then i go eat dinner then my brother don't know is coughing or sneezing then he never cover his mouth then he mouth inside the thing all come out then then my face my body and my hair all have like rice for example......Then i shout at him then my mother scold me keep on shouting then i was like very angry and sad then my father scold my brother heehee=) then my mother also scold my brother.....Then i go take my clothes and GO BATH AGAIN IDIOT BROTHER!!!!!!~Then i receive li wen sms.......Then when i finish bathing i call her then we chat and i talk about my brother and some other things blah blah blah~ Then when i finish talking to her i on computer to go pet society and blog......But also have some interesting things like today is children day eve then our school and teacher got give us somethings like Mr Ong and Mr Leow give us tibits and sweets then Mr Koo Give us panda Then Mr Alan Tan give us sweets and our school give us pencil and ruler lol then Mrs nam give us lollipop yummy then she say we hold our lollipop and together say HAPPY CHILDREN DAY!!!~ then we all quickly put our lollipop into our mouth haha=D....Then after that Siew Ching say she want whole class picture then is like we keep on taking photo lor idiot I don't like lor......Then Mr Koo ask us who don't like panda then after that our children day present is panda then those who don't like panda don't have haha so funny......Then we go to the Mr Alan Tan class then he go though P3 science and some of the tips about english, math and science......he so good lor haha....Oh yah we have 1 hour recess then i only eat bread then go to the class, Li wen teach me math haha thank you!~=) Then Mrs Nam play the don't know what game lor very lame but funny.....Ok let talk back about Mr Alan Tan class ok.....Then Mr Alan Tan want taking photo then we take lor then Mr Tan run very funny haha....Oh yah forgot to say that P2 or P3 give us card tell us to jia you, i receive one card is from Shalini he/she say Dear Fann, I wish you score high marks for your P.S.L.E......Then i was like very gan dong haha.....When i free i will upload some picture de Okay anyway HAPPY CHILDREN DAY!!!!~
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