Tuesday, September 29, 2009

yesterday yesterday and yesterday and today!~

I will talk about yesterday yesterday or yesterday things i will mix up the story because when i think for things that is interesting i will quickly type down here. I think is yesterday yesterday have on air conditional and my mother,father and brother go to the wedding..... And in the morning my mother teeth drop i mean in to half haha....so funny......Oh yah this one i remember haha is yesterday tuition is 3:00p.m. but i say is 3:30p.m. so i with Li wen and deon, siew ching tell me to go bubble tea shop but i say i don't want to go.....Then we at the canteen there then i deon wait for her father and li wen is waiting for her school bus to bring her homework.....Then when deon father came deon said good bye to us then later is li wen and me because i waiting for li xuan too......Then i, li xuan and michelle go until half way li xuan check her handphone then she saw that Joleen sms to her say her english worksheet at miss chan table and then don't know is a bee or a fly keep following li xuan haha=) then until school we all run to the HOD to take the paper but then the HOD room was locked so that mean they all go MEETING then li xuan run to the general office then they say no key but then got one FAS people go open the door for us to look for the paper but it was no a vain then the people like tell us to go out.....Then at the staircase we saw Mr Ong then we all faster run there to tell mr ong, then mr ong say bye bye to the person his talking to and then li xuan ask for the paper then mr ong say oh is at my table then they go there and take......But only li xuan and michelle got receive the paper bee ching don't have because she not with us.....Then when li xuan go in to the HOD room i and michelle at outside wait then we saw that fly or bee again haha then i and michelle was laughing........Then when we recieve the paper we walk home.....Then forgot to say that at 88 bus i saw my sister and her boyfriend........Then the FAS give us a bottle and a teddy bear is free.....then i just buy a bottle now give me one bottle if i know early i will not buy the bottle haiz.....Today nothing interesting only alot of homework!!!~Got one thing i very angry is don't know who broke my water bottle make until my homework worksheet all wet!!!~That why i buy new water bottle haiz.....

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