Friday, October 23, 2009

Thurday post.....

Hello^_^ haha=D.......So long never post liao because PSLE mah but now PSLE over le so i can post le heehee=). PSLE really very difficult haiz.....Ok let talk about thurday......Thurday i go out with my friends, this is my fourth time going out le. First time is at AMK hub with Sylvia and Carrene, the second time is Carrene, Sylvia and Li wen, The third time is Carrene the fourth tine is Siew ching, Li wen,Carrene, Timonty and Deon........hehe=) That rommel never go with us he sick....poor thing....(bubble tea not counted)....We go compass point haha=) then we go eat pizza then walking around buying things....Then we go play arcade haha the fun place =P......We play the aiya don't know what lah is just have many ball and a big screen then we throw the ball to the screen lor, we choose like ghost or something then we throw at them heehee=) fun=P now i know liao when i unhappy i can go there because we go there we use ball and throw to the screen we will shout some of the pupils name ( the name that we hate because they bully us) yah then we throw until the ball at outside then timonty and deon will go pick up the ball.....Then because we shout then alot of people come and see us MANY PEOPLE!!!!~ many of them is boys...... Then i and carrene play drums and also li wen haha many many game lah....Then i and deon use a don't know what thing go hit the machine then the people see us then of course we stop lah then walk away haha aiya very fun lah.....heehee=) fun until siao lor haha...ok lah nothing much so bye.....^^
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