Thursday, December 31, 2009


Me, Siew ching and Sylvia =D

Me, Siew Ching and Sylvia=D Oh and this is our sercet place =D

Me and Sylvia =)

Me and Siew ching =)

Hihi and a happy new year!!!!! Today go North Vista take my school clothes and books. But when school reopen i still need to wear anderson pri de clothes because out of stock haiz... so chamm. And the skirt is too long for me, When i wear that skirt it look retarted like a nerd....Okay lah bye!!!~Oh and i will be posting the picture that we go to the AMK hub with siew ching and Sylvia...We go play arcade and watching 6p.m. the movie alvin and the chipmuck aiya don't know how to spell....
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