Tuesday, January 26, 2010

toDAY + yesterday

hello...yesterday take back the science result i get 1 out of 10 zzz sai lah what surprize test is a sai lor idiot...Today is a kns day lor get scolded for not signing the test...nobody tell me lah idiot like sai lor then my name write on the discipline book idiot like that also write...Aiya today is a very angry day lah especially at computer lab i do my dreamweaver thingy halfway a knn person don't know who lah go delete the picure and move our folder then the teacher tell us that after school stayback if not we all no need to go home then i was like very angry lor don't know who make de lor still haven addmit yet lor the stupid people make me cannot finish my thingy i mean is the whole class lor kns lah...anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BROTHER!!!~
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