Friday, January 29, 2010


Today nothing much lah just that today got a little bit angry many people keep on making fun of my name so sad... T.T even my friends say me fanny...I don't want fanny because they think is a joke...Because when u check the dictionary fanny mean they keep on saying then i was like very angry i shout at them stop calling me fanny then they all shut up lor..Cos i that time at library....They keep on calling me Fan, Fans, Fanny, Fann wong...KNS LAH!!!!~ IDIOT... let talk about yesterday....GOT TEST ALAMAK!!!~ then teacher tell me to change place so change lor....I sit with a girl call ReiShi...Good is good lah but i don't like the place cos i can't really see the whiteboard but then nevermind still can see lah i not blind....
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