Friday, January 22, 2010

Unlucky day!!!!`

Hihi =) i know that i many days didn't post le...because i very busy....doing homework, study....wish can go express...yesterday is unlucky day because yesterday i close my door doing my art then art do finish le and i also heard a weird sounds like something fly like that.... i open the door teach my brother some questions...Then later i open the door lah never close le then i talk to li wen on phone then i also heard something like flying sound but i don't know is what thing so i didn't go take a look or something then when talk finish i go to my sister room listen to girls generations and super junior songs then listen finish i go back my room to pack my bag then suddenly i heard the weird sound again so i go take a look what is that...Then i saw a BIG COCKROACH at my wall i mean shell there then i was like very scared so i go call my mother then my mother also very scared of cockroach so she close my door so i sleep with my mother lor then later in the morning my father go catch but he can't find then he close the door lor then later my mother wake up she want go comb hair so she open my door then she saw the BIG COCKROACH at the ground so she go call my father and catch lor haha=) So unlucky haix....Oh yah i like super junior and girls generations and i also don't know why i just like their songs =D heehee...
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