Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today nothing much just say that yesterday go back to school then play games very fun...first game is we find a partner then i sit infront my partner sit at the back then we play the game is hitting people de lah when someone want hit me my partner didn't shout the other name lor hate him lah...then the other is blanket game when the blanket drop must shout the name lol...then i never shout so i move to the other group...then next is lol got a little bit forgot le....oh ya we go to the hall and play...find a partner and then hold hand....then make a circle...the got one people is catcher and the other is runner....then when the runner touch me my partner became the runner and need to run...this game damm nice to play....Then next game is hold hand we run then got some people hold hand and want to catch us...i just felt boring so i volunteer to hold hand then we catch people then slowly everyone is hold hand nobody run yay we game then later have buffet we eat then watch movie in the band room. I didn't watch finish cos i want go home then i ask one guy that monday tell me the ending as it really nice...and i don't know the movie title haiz forgot about music de lah....then later ya like that lor....ok today very boring want go out with sister de but end up didn't go haiz....ok lah bye=)
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