Sunday, March 21, 2010

yesterday tomorrow.....

Yesterday morning mother,brother and grandmother go cut hair...then later we all go downstair to eat..then i eat roti prata...then eat a little bit fish&chip than byebye throat even more worse...then at home keep on coughing like want to die liao....then later don't know do what le lah....

Today morning i eat and then chiong my my homework is this: Math

science theory

Science paper


So ya like that lor art i not really care cos is not tomorrow pass up ma...then like that lor just eat dinner...then on com read other people blog...then was like leave a tag lor....then ya read siew ching coincidence...siew ching also sick i also sick...and our illness is the same sia...oh my god...And ya thank you my sister, li xuan...thank you for teaching me science...=D love u always =D Then just now mixpod can't listen songs then i was like fed up...then go other people blog see their blog then realise that other people mixpod also got okay lah bye =)
P.S. my sister sick she still teach me science..thank u =)
Words for today: Thanks for always listening to me,supporting me, and encouraging me. You're a true friend, and i want you to know how much i love and appreciate you. You're the best! =D
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