Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today totally ROCKZ XD haha =D
Let talk about today ba =)

English~ Teacher printed for us some notes let us read and she also go through it =) Then when teacher said PSP cannot like that write in composition...Mao Xiang suddenly said PSP = Pang sai problem....HAHA XD then we all laugh.....Then he also say PSP= Personal sexual particle XD pervert sia.....Then later teacher said until embarrassment then Mao Xiang said got ass haha XD....Then teacher said cannot use sms language example: tmd....Then Shirley suddenly say tmd= Ta ma de....XD we all laugh...haha =D....We also know our CA1 mark le....I was happy as i get 70.8/100...XD

GPE1~ whole class kanna get scolding my PE teacher....So we all sit there sunbathe lor LOL XD.

Recess~ eat only

DnT~ Receive my DnT test paper total add together is 37/50 LOL =X same as Lena score XD. Clive teach me this: One circle one circle one big circle, one circle one circle one big circle, half circle half circle one big circle, half circle half circle e e e....LOL you all maybe don't know what is that but when Clive sing and draw out actually is a PIG lol XD

Math~Do correction.....Copy down 2 question then do LOL =X

Chinese~ Do zuo ye....Same thing happened again....some of my classmates didn't receive zuo ye....Then she keep on say is not her there le LOL XD....Cecilia also like that said too =D Then later do finish zuo ye pass up to the teacher then take newspaper THUMB UP =D....Then suddenly teacher called me and Tingling.....We all shock when we heard the news....At 19/5/2010 we are going for Chinese composition competition....LOL XD Happy but at the same time Scared too LOL XD

Science~ Teacher go through the notes....

Art~ WOOHOO!!!~ Today totally different....We didn't stay at classroom fa mei =X We go to the ISH....Then we sit in a big circle then we draw the person(Reichi, Mao Xiang, CaiYue, Eugene, Fatithah, Dominic)....But teacher have request he said when we draw we cannot rub or the pencil leave the paper...Then draw finish teacher go mark so we play lor....We play like called name then the 'monkey' must go use ball and hit but when the 'monkey' want hit she/he called other people name the poor monkey must go to hit the person he/she called....Then later Art teacher praise me said my art done until very well....I SO HAPPY =X

Reflection~ Our DnT teacher (our form teacher too) and Geography teacher ( form teacher too)tell us 2 lame joke haha =D funny sia.....This is what DnT teacher said: There were 3 ants line up in a straight line....The first ant look back and said:'' hey there an ant following me.'' Then the second ants also look back and said:'' hey there an ant following me.'' Then the third ant also look back and said:''hey there an ant following me.'' GUYS CAN ANYBODY GUESS WHY THE LAST ANT( third ant) SAID GOT ANT FOLLOWING HIM????
The answer is : The 3rd ant walk backward so the ant saw got ant following him hahaha XD

This is what Geography teacher say de lame joke: There have 3 vampires....At night, 1 of the vampire said:'' let see who is the most powerful vampire.''
The first vampire said:''okay''
And off his fly
10 minute he came back full of blood on his mouth.
He said:'' Do u all see that house? i suck all his family blood including him too."
The second vampire said:'' That easy see mine.''
And off his go...
5 minute he came back full of blood on his face.
He said:'' do you see that village over there? I suck all the people blood that live on that village.''
The third vampire said:'' That easy, see mine.''
And off his fly....
5 second he came back full of blood on his body...
The 1st and 2nd vampire ask with surprise:''how u did it?''
The third vampire said:'' That easy, see the wall over there? You just bang into it."

Hahaha =D funny right? i like the vampire joke more haha =X

After school go canteen buy drink....Walk home with Ziyun....Then when at home i go bathe and now typing...Okay lah byebye =)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Okay let talk about today =D
Today go school with Ziyun and myself =)

History~ History lesson become Geography don't know why always change....But anyway today don't have Geography remedial yay...But people in our class say change to Friday...LOL still have remedial right??? Lol. =X

Literature~ Aiya sad sad sia...Never watch video....So we do worksheet.....Do until i go copy Cecilia answer....Majority is ShuangX2 answer =X Thank you ah both of you =)

CDP~ Have surprise Science test....Luckily got pass, get 6/10. Then teacher give us back last time test paper, i get 35/40 wow so good =) heehee =P...

Science~ Go to the Science lab....Then found out that Eugene Lua say de word is real....As third floor Science lab got people using so we go 4th Floor....And the Science lab really got ghost....Because our teacher say that this Science lab got ghost so don't anyhow say something and don't disturb....She also say the Science lab explore before so got accident happen....LOL....okay i believe it.....Science teacher suddenly ask me stress a not....Then i say yah..Then she say i work very hard...Then i only smile....Then she say if i good at Science...she can make me go to express Science or Express class....I listen liao...although very happy but very stress....I keep on asking myself if i fail how??? But anyway i will work harder =)

After school~ Go home with Ziyun =)

Now blogging okay i already done my copycat quote le here it is(like conversation de)

Can lend me see your book?
Oh can ah
Please lend me your handbook
Copy today homeworks lor
Aiya only Math lah
Then....tomorrow you lend me copy your math ba ...(give me an evil smile)

Okay lah finish le byebye =)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


HALOW EVERYONE!~ LOL okay between today is Chinese test...quite okay lah....not that difficult =X... But our teacher said our class got 1 person cheat lol don't know who sia....but our teacher said this thing he keep looking on our direction....but i didn't do anything lol....anyway i is QING BAI DE Haiz....I sick already...head damn pain....headache yah....Yay tomorrow 10:30am go school =P haha =) My brother go buy don't know what thing and is cost $6 sia....a useless thing leh...inside contain substance....don't know is mercury or oil +(water+colour ink)....If is mercury...dangerous sia....Must ask sister....Mother cook noodle yummy=P okay lah i go eat le.....oh yah this is my quote of 'Bitch' =X

Bad to me (sobsob)
I will be bad to u (heehee=P)
Tease me???( sobosb)
Can, but u better watch out (heehee =X)
Hate me??? Fine i will hate u too (LOL)

Done by: Fann Ong (=

I now doing a quote called copycat =P haha okay layh byebye c=

Monday, April 26, 2010

Yesterday and today

Yesterday although i got post but i only post a little =3.
Yesterday night is totally suck =X
I chiong all my homework =X
No one accompany me so sad sia so lonely haiz...
Finally do finish so pack bag and sleep lor =)

Today( Monday)

Morning assembly~ only can say is totally SUCK ( see my secret blog)

English~ Go through our worksheet and we do correction lor =_=|||

GPE1~ play baseball again lol =X

Recess~ eat & drink =P

Math~ Haiz...going through the worksheet too...then our science teacher come in want collect our science theory so give her lor....then continue our math until half way our science teacher super angry and throw regina book because she didn't do haiz...damn scary sia X.X

Literature~ become geo....then we arrange table again...then now is sit according to register number....then study geo lor =X

Chinese~ do the si han....=_=|||

Geo~ haiz...again geo lol XD

Science~haiz....not bad lah okok lah ( see my secret blog)

Assembly~ wear tie XP i want die sia...tie hang me haha =P okay lah that all..

Band~ heehee you are wrong today no band as got mid year exam mah heehee =P

I got do 'BITCH' quote but didn't fully do finish yet so yah didn't write here lor XD

Today Ziyun didn't come she sick...anyway wish her recover soon =)


Okay lah that all byebye =)

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Recently a lot of people sick...My father also sick too...Haix....he headache...fever...but he still go work =) i so touch lor....Sick le still go work...But luckily tomorrow he no need to work =-) so he can rest at home....=) Haiz...don't know want write what got art test..haven even draw a lot of homework....Got geo, Science, Math and other but i only do a few haven clear yet lol...Must wait my sister come back home then can ask her... I keep reading storybook....and i also quite boring so i make this quote =) but is vulgar please don't mind =)

Friends love u (vomiting =P)
U love friends ( LOL o.o)
Can be trusted ??? ( unsure o.o)
Kick your ass ah !!!! ( pui =P)
Off u go lah!!! ( byebye =))
Friend u ??? ( think twice first lol XD)
Friend like u so bossy who want ah????( hahaha =D)

Done by : Fann Ong =D

Okay that all =) i now go bathe le byebye =)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thursday, Friday and Saturday =)

HiHi=) Mid year exam is coming so all must Jiayou oh! And the next thing is don't too stress yourself =).
Thursday=)( a very bad day =P)
English lesson~ Do correction=) the worksheet =)

GPE1~ PE playing baseball....Don't like to play sia...but the teacher say if he saw some didn't play the next game will be the same game again haiz...=(

Recess~ Eat only=)

D&T lesson~YAY!!!~ quite happy as my handphone holder do finish le =)

Math lesson~ test take back le i get 12/20 walao i don't like lor and the other is 20/20 super happy, lent fatihah to copy correction...then i forgot i lend it to her i keep on finding thought lost.. lol =P

Chinese~ don't know do what lol forgot le....=P

Science~ Get scolded by writing that sand will dissolve in water lol....okay fine is i wrong also no need scold right... your mood bad can anyhow scold people meh?

Art~ saying about test...ART also got test sia this is my first time knowing this thing lol =P

Reflection time~ Of course get scolding lah!!! but not me lah is whole class....haiz....

Band~ I so excited and scare that they choose people going main band but lastly don't after mid year exam then Claire and Jia Yi sure scold and beat Chloe de cos they want go to basketball there to see their match...

Friday( quite good day)

Math~ some people doing their correction....

Geo~ give us note and the teacher go through the notes =)

Recess~ eat spaghetti, drink grape drink=) Saw Jia Yi ask her how she torture Chloe? She say she squeeze Chloe Breast and Kick her lan jiao....Then i was like lol???

History~Copy notes =)

Chinese~ take back the test result super happy i get 64/70... finally win qiao ling =) yay!!!~ finally first in class....if gao lao know this he sure very happy de =D But many people get U grade...

English~ Doing the worksheet correction =_=|||

Went home bathe...=)....reading audition =) play with Ziyun, Genie =) fun =)

Saturday is TODAY =) early in the morning get scolded by mother haha =) cos i blog ma haven eat breakfast okay lah now want go eat breakfast le byebye =)

Oh yah and lastly, wish Li xuan get well soon =) must take care ah =) Drink lot of lot of water =)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today is Wednesday so 10:30 school start =)
Go school with ziyun=)
Found out she also got secret blog XD
wish to go in and see but she haven invite me yet i think she forgot le XD
Okay let see today have what things happening =)
History lesson~ Copy notes =X

Literature lesson~ Watch Matilda =D

CDP~ Girls go outside....Boys inside the classroom arrange tables and chairs as the mid-exam is coming ya like that lor....i actually sit with reichi and ziyun but our teacher change place as we are too short =( so i end up siting with sim chin...But luckily infront of me is reichi and behind is shuangX2 =D....Later go computer lab to do the job thingy lol =X

Science lesson~ Go science lab doing experiment haha =D it was fun =) But ShuangX2 break the beaker in the end must fine money liao $2++ i think...

Geo lesson~ this is a extra lesson....then teacher got speech day so ya 2:10pm start and 2:30pm finish but...haiz the express science students didn't come....then teacher got give chances lor....he keep on say 5 minute....2 minute...3 second....but the express students didn't come....then when the express student come...geo teacher already go...haiz then we all blame the express science student then they say is because 1n2 student late for science so they stay a little while there...then i was like damn angry with the 1n2 student lor....they thought they what?? queen or king ah late late late...stupid lor....then we thought teacher will come back so we still stay until 2:30PM but teacher never come....haiz =( then later ziyun, shuangX2, reichi, lena, qiao ling and i go eat....Then i eat a lot....I eat spaghetti, prawn, hotdog bun, 1 bottle of drink, i can of drink, seaweed. Then later go play firstly play with the drink then ice with straw....then later don't know do what then go home....walk home with ziyun =) then feeling unwell can't eat my dinner....then later eat medicine and then go bathe then eat my dinner and do my homework.....Receive a message from claire...she say tomorrow they choose people go in to main band...i don't know is real or fake but if it is real i wish is me who go in to the main band....but i know is difficult...haiz....please wish me good luck =)......okay lah bye =)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nothing much to say

Nothing much to say sia....Yesterday band..keep on laughing until our senior say us siao..but i quite happy as i know how to blow high note le but not that good lah....Mr Chin release us at 7:10 pm....then the sky is VERY VERY dark le....somemore raining....Then i walk without umbrella as i lazy take out....Then walk outside saw callie father drive car fetch her i was like very xian mu....Then at outside i keep looking around wish got my father come and fetch me...But to my disappointment none of my parent come....When i walk i keep on saying why my parent didn't come?? whywhywhy???? Father today no working leh why he never come???? Callie father so good...Then suddenly i saw my father there HE COME AND FETCH ME!!! yay i was so damn HAPPY....hahaha =) Actually my father very GOOD =) he give me umbrella so we walk home i still have fish n chip to eat haha yummy =P...
Today nothing much to say so yah byebye =) (still need to see my secret blog as i still got something to say)

Sunday, April 18, 2010


wow so fast tomorrow monday le....haiz so sian....saturday wake up stomach and legs damn pain....i think is because the sit n reach and sit up...haiz....go down stair as ziyun lent me thumb drive to download download =) then today play play PLAY!!!~ Play with Ziyun, Darren and Damien but my mother disagree me to play as i will addicted so she keep on nag nag nag....haiz between today very talk to li xuan feeling better =) thank u ah =) heehee =) byebye =D Good night=) wish tomorrow is a better day =)

Friday, April 16, 2010


Sorry that Wednesday didn't continue anyway is a good days lah didn't get scolded =P
Thursday is also can counted as a good day lah Then i and my sister got something wrong sia....i at my room...sister at her room we smsing each other hahaha lol...
Math~ haven give out the test paper yet he haven mark yet.....stupid math question i don't really understand i want die liao lah!!!~

Geo~ teacher damn scary luckily didn't call me go out do the contour???

Recess~ eating....

History~ damn funny....teacher continue teaching Geo cos history teacher haven come yet then we like shouting say he coming he walking then our Geo teacher like very anxious and say he haven come in to the classroom yet then we was like history teacher coming from back door then we close the back door....but too late he coming from the front door as it didn't close then our whole class laughing hahaha =D

Chinese~ freaking Chinese teacher....want know more read my secret blog....

English~ haiz....can't do finish the article stupid lor....

NAPFA~ damn angry....want know more read my secret blog....

i was like angry Angry ANGRY!!!!!~

When i go to facebook, i found out that each games we play have playfish cash in it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

yay i back!~

YAY everyone i back!~ finally heehee =D thank to my sister boyfriend help me now internet okay le XD.....let say about last last Sunday ba =) I go out with Siew Ching, Sylvia, Timothy and 3 gays(Timothy friends) =X.....then go KFC eat first then go watch movie......we watch wimpy kid...haha damn funny....inside the movie i was so cold but i didn't take jacket out as i lazy lol haha....then later the 3 gays pangseh timothy with us lor.....then we go land and play audition....I was so damn excited and happy....i keep on shouting(not really lah i very anxious mah) then the big-rush i don't know how to play so keep on last.....not keep on lah at least win siew ching sometime =X.....then later play finish....we go eat.....i, siew ching and sylvia eat carrot cake....timothy eat chicken rice....then later eat finish went home.....=) i was so happy....i will upload my audition picture when i free =)....ok lah let say about last thursday i have band....then quarrel with liang hao ( not really quarrel we last last thurday also quarrel my senior quarrel with him too haha) then i bring french horn home....wah is damn heavy...then i use carry de...but i accidentally the french horn knock my mouth then bleeding haiz....let say about yesterday i, ziyun and sharmin play badminton together....then sharmin damn PRO lor she keep on using smack then later is ziyun play then sharmin smack twice i use my hand take the shuttlecork twice(the shuttlecork didn't drop on to the floor)my 'pro' hand is my racket....then later i go ziyun house play.....AUDITION!!!~ wah so exciting with Damien and Clive.....Damien damn pro lor....Then help ziyun pass the story mode haha =) And i play a game my point is damn high sia...1 million something....break my record liao...Today is Wednesday.....10:30 then go school.....wish i have a nice day....later come back home MAYBE will continues my story....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Many Days ago

Sorry that i so long didn't post le cos busy....u know secondary life suck sia......haiz....let talk about monday ba...

English~ Do informal letter.....

GPE1~ need to re-run again....sian ah!!!~

Recess~ Drink only

Math~ don't know do what le...i think is doing algebra ba....

Literature~ Test~

Chinese~ Don't know do what le lah.....copy bi ji ba....

Geo~ read map....

Science~ study what living things...and cells.....

Assembly~ Sing the school songs......that stupid issac shout VIVA LA VISTA.....very loudly then after the assembly....our class tio scolded because of issac...

After school~ Faster eat as no time liao we need to go to do pet rocket.....My group members is Ain, Gillian, Jiaxiang and of course got me lah......then later go band....

Then go home.....


D&T~ do the art pieces....

Science~ do table....

Recess~ eat...drink~

Chinese~ copy bi ji...

PPE~ Copy notes....

English~ write informal letter......

ICT~ do timetable as we doing IPW project.....

Math~ do homework lor.....

Music~ forgot to bring music notes...tio standing...then later sit down what instrument....idiot...

after school....go home....


History~ history lesson become map....teacher suddenly ask me question luckily i know how to reply him....

Literature~ do some literature paper...

CDP~ teacher don't know go meeting or what didn't come....a relief teacher come....then classroom super noisy.....then i do finish the CDP pass up to teacher then read book....haha i very guai hor....

Science~ don't have science so can go home but i didn't go home....

After school....with shuang shuang and reichi talk about 'her' then i keep on pasta and bread wah still buy green tea and grape....haha super hungry sia....then later go library....super funny....we go lend computer then a some guy saw shuang shuang go blog tell librarian ( as we tell her we doing project) Then is like i very angry lor the librarian came but didn't really say anything....that freak boy wish can box him lah freak!...then we guai guai do project lor....then later go home....

Thurday~( Today)

English~ Do the informal letter and pass up te IPW file to the teacher.....and test coming too the informal letter....

GPE1~ Running as i fail so re take ma finally today pass....because of my fierce coach ( Qiao ling) hahaha thank u qiao ling...she help me alot.....she keep on say jiayou and tell me not to stop running thank u very much =)

Recess~ drink only...

D&T~ do the artpieces again test coming....

Math~ Play games but of course got homework lah....the games need to use brain very fun....

Chinese~ copy bi ji....

science~ draw table....of course also got homework lah.....

Art~ Freak lah the teacher never come hai wo bai bai zuo le gong ke....then is music teacher came in stupid science then the boys make alot of noisy then we all stand...still need to use our hand to cover our mouth stupid...lah the music teacher thought we are 3 year old kid ah....freak.....then later read my story book....

Reflection~ haiz....need to do reflection .....sian ah....

Band~~~after band claire walk backward then we shout her back have one uncle...haha then i laugh until stomach ache and at the back our senior keep on say something funny haha=)

Recently happen alot of things especially is sharmin and ziyun haiz....i am not gonna to say it as the story really damn long...and i know how to use straw to make heart le so damn happy =-) and alot of people say mao xiang and caiyue stead wor....wah lao pu got boyfriend liao....but i still don't understand why at our ages so many people want stead....i tell qiao ling why she say don't know....then i say is it because they know they too ugly le so want a girlfriend or boyfriend to show off....anyway REICHI HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!~ WISH U LIKE THE PRESENT I GAVE IT TO U =) and april fool day....haha today qiao ling keep on trick reichi haha=)

Words for today: i really don't know what u all thinking i really don't know...haiz....what should i do... ( from u can see not really that meaningful)