Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nothing much to say

Nothing much to say sia....Yesterday band..keep on laughing until our senior say us siao..but i quite happy as i know how to blow high note le but not that good lah....Mr Chin release us at 7:10 pm....then the sky is VERY VERY dark le....somemore raining....Then i walk without umbrella as i lazy take out....Then walk outside saw callie father drive car fetch her i was like very xian mu....Then at outside i keep looking around wish got my father come and fetch me...But to my disappointment none of my parent come....When i walk i keep on saying why my parent didn't come?? whywhywhy???? Father today no working leh why he never come???? Callie father so good...Then suddenly i saw my father there HE COME AND FETCH ME!!! yay i was so damn HAPPY....hahaha =) Actually my father very GOOD =) he give me umbrella so we walk home...at home i still have fish n chip to eat haha yummy =P...
Today nothing much to say so yah byebye =) (still need to see my secret blog as i still got something to say)
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