Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thursday, Friday and Saturday =)

HiHi=) Mid year exam is coming so all must Jiayou oh! And the next thing is don't too stress yourself =).
Thursday=)( a very bad day =P)
English lesson~ Do correction=) the worksheet =)

GPE1~ PE playing baseball....Don't like to play sia...but the teacher say if he saw some didn't play the next game will be the same game again haiz...=(

Recess~ Eat only=)

D&T lesson~YAY!!!~ quite happy as my handphone holder do finish le =)

Math lesson~ test take back le i get 12/20 walao i don't like lor and the other is 20/20 super happy, lent fatihah to copy correction...then i forgot i lend it to her i keep on finding thought lost.. lol =P

Chinese~ don't know do what lol forgot le....=P

Science~ Get scolded by writing that sand will dissolve in water lol....okay fine is i wrong also no need scold right... your mood bad can anyhow scold people meh?

Art~ saying about test...ART also got test sia this is my first time knowing this thing lol =P

Reflection time~ Of course get scolding lah!!! but not me lah is whole class....haiz....

Band~ I so excited and scare that they choose people going main band but lastly don't after mid year exam then Claire and Jia Yi sure scold and beat Chloe de cos they want go to basketball there to see their match...

Friday( quite good day)

Math~ some people doing their correction....

Geo~ give us note and the teacher go through the notes =)

Recess~ eat spaghetti, drink grape drink=) Saw Jia Yi ask her how she torture Chloe? She say she squeeze Chloe Breast and Kick her lan jiao....Then i was like lol???

History~Copy notes =)

Chinese~ take back the test result super happy i get 64/70... finally win qiao ling =) yay!!!~ finally first in class....if gao lao know this he sure very happy de =D But many people get U grade...

English~ Doing the worksheet correction =_=|||

Went home bathe...=)....reading audition =) play with Ziyun, Genie =) fun =)

Saturday is TODAY =) early in the morning get scolded by mother haha =) cos i blog ma haven eat breakfast okay lah now want go eat breakfast le byebye =)

Oh yah and lastly, wish Li xuan get well soon =) must take care ah =) Drink lot of lot of water =)

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