Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today is Wednesday so 10:30 school start =)
Go school with ziyun=)
Found out she also got secret blog XD
wish to go in and see but she haven invite me yet i think she forgot le XD
Okay let see today have what things happening =)
History lesson~ Copy notes =X

Literature lesson~ Watch Matilda =D

CDP~ Girls go outside....Boys inside the classroom arrange tables and chairs as the mid-exam is coming ya like that lor....i actually sit with reichi and ziyun but our teacher change place as we are too short =( so i end up siting with sim chin...But luckily infront of me is reichi and behind is shuangX2 =D....Later go computer lab to do the job thingy lol =X

Science lesson~ Go science lab doing experiment haha =D it was fun =) But ShuangX2 break the beaker in the end must fine money liao $2++ i think...

Geo lesson~ this is a extra lesson....then teacher got speech day so ya 2:10pm start and 2:30pm finish but...haiz the express science students didn't come....then teacher got give chances lor....he keep on say 5 minute....2 minute...3 second....but the express students didn't come....then when the express student come...geo teacher already go...haiz then we all blame the express science student then they say is because 1n2 student late for science so they stay a little while there...then i was like damn angry with the 1n2 student lor....they thought they what?? queen or king ah late late late...stupid lor....then we thought teacher will come back so we still stay until 2:30PM but teacher never come....haiz =( then later ziyun, shuangX2, reichi, lena, qiao ling and i go eat....Then i eat a lot....I eat spaghetti, prawn, hotdog bun, 1 bottle of drink, i can of drink, seaweed. Then later go play firstly play with the drink then ice with straw....then later don't know do what then go home....walk home with ziyun =) then feeling unwell can't eat my dinner....then later eat medicine and then go bathe then eat my dinner and do my homework.....Receive a message from claire...she say tomorrow they choose people go in to main band...i don't know is real or fake but if it is real i wish is me who go in to the main band....but i know is difficult...haiz....please wish me good luck =)......okay lah bye =)

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