Sunday, April 25, 2010


Recently a lot of people sick...My father also sick too...Haix....he headache...fever...but he still go work =) i so touch lor....Sick le still go work...But luckily tomorrow he no need to work =-) so he can rest at home....=) Haiz...don't know want write what got art test..haven even draw a lot of homework....Got geo, Science, Math and other but i only do a few haven clear yet lol...Must wait my sister come back home then can ask her... I keep reading storybook....and i also quite boring so i make this quote =) but is vulgar please don't mind =)

Friends love u (vomiting =P)
U love friends ( LOL o.o)
Can be trusted ??? ( unsure o.o)
Kick your ass ah !!!! ( pui =P)
Off u go lah!!! ( byebye =))
Friend u ??? ( think twice first lol XD)
Friend like u so bossy who want ah????( hahaha =D)

Done by : Fann Ong =D

Okay that all =) i now go bathe le byebye =)
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