Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Okay let talk about today =D
Today go school with Ziyun and myself =)

History~ History lesson become Geography don't know why always change....But anyway today don't have Geography remedial yay...But people in our class say change to Friday...LOL still have remedial right??? Lol. =X

Literature~ Aiya sad sad sia...Never watch video....So we do worksheet.....Do until i go copy Cecilia answer....Majority is ShuangX2 answer =X Thank you ah both of you =)

CDP~ Have surprise Science test....Luckily got pass, get 6/10. Then teacher give us back last time test paper, i get 35/40 wow so good =) heehee =P...

Science~ Go to the Science lab....Then found out that Eugene Lua say de word is real....As third floor Science lab got people using so we go 4th Floor....And the Science lab really got ghost....Because our teacher say that this Science lab got ghost so don't anyhow say something and don't disturb....She also say the Science lab explore before so got accident happen....LOL....okay i believe it.....Science teacher suddenly ask me stress a not....Then i say yah..Then she say i work very hard...Then i only smile....Then she say if i good at Science...she can make me go to express Science or Express class....I listen liao...although very happy but very stress....I keep on asking myself if i fail how??? But anyway i will work harder =)

After school~ Go home with Ziyun =)

Now blogging okay i already done my copycat quote le here it is(like conversation de)

Can lend me see your book?
Oh can ah
Please lend me your handbook
Copy today homeworks lor
Aiya only Math lah
Then....tomorrow you lend me copy your math ba ...(give me an evil smile)

Okay lah finish le byebye =)

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