Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today totally ROCKZ XD haha =D
Let talk about today ba =)

English~ Teacher printed for us some notes let us read and she also go through it =) Then when teacher said PSP cannot like that write in composition...Mao Xiang suddenly said PSP = Pang sai problem....HAHA XD then we all laugh.....Then he also say PSP= Personal sexual particle XD pervert sia.....Then later teacher said until embarrassment then Mao Xiang said got ass haha XD....Then teacher said cannot use sms language example: tmd....Then Shirley suddenly say tmd= Ta ma de....XD we all laugh...haha =D....We also know our CA1 mark le....I was happy as i get 70.8/100...XD

GPE1~ whole class kanna get scolding my PE teacher....So we all sit there sunbathe lor LOL XD.

Recess~ eat only

DnT~ Receive my DnT test paper total add together is 37/50 LOL =X same as Lena score XD. Clive teach me this: One circle one circle one big circle, one circle one circle one big circle, half circle half circle one big circle, half circle half circle e e e....LOL you all maybe don't know what is that but when Clive sing and draw out actually is a PIG lol XD

Math~Do correction.....Copy down 2 question then do LOL =X

Chinese~ Do zuo ye....Same thing happened again....some of my classmates didn't receive zuo ye....Then she keep on say is not her there le LOL XD....Cecilia also like that said too =D Then later do finish zuo ye pass up to the teacher then take newspaper THUMB UP =D....Then suddenly teacher called me and Tingling.....We all shock when we heard the news....At 19/5/2010 we are going for Chinese composition competition....LOL XD Happy but at the same time Scared too LOL XD

Science~ Teacher go through the notes....

Art~ WOOHOO!!!~ Today totally different....We didn't stay at classroom fa mei =X We go to the ISH....Then we sit in a big circle then we draw the person(Reichi, Mao Xiang, CaiYue, Eugene, Fatithah, Dominic)....But teacher have request he said when we draw we cannot rub or the pencil leave the paper...Then draw finish teacher go mark so we play lor....We play like called name then the 'monkey' must go use ball and hit but when the 'monkey' want hit she/he called other people name the poor monkey must go to hit the person he/she called....Then later Art teacher praise me said my art done until very well....I SO HAPPY =X

Reflection~ Our DnT teacher (our form teacher too) and Geography teacher ( form teacher too)tell us 2 lame joke haha =D funny sia.....This is what DnT teacher said: There were 3 ants line up in a straight line....The first ant look back and said:'' hey there an ant following me.'' Then the second ants also look back and said:'' hey there an ant following me.'' Then the third ant also look back and said:''hey there an ant following me.'' GUYS CAN ANYBODY GUESS WHY THE LAST ANT( third ant) SAID GOT ANT FOLLOWING HIM????
The answer is : The 3rd ant walk backward so the ant saw got ant following him hahaha XD

This is what Geography teacher say de lame joke: There have 3 vampires....At night, 1 of the vampire said:'' let see who is the most powerful vampire.''
The first vampire said:''okay''
And off his fly
10 minute he came back full of blood on his mouth.
He said:'' Do u all see that house? i suck all his family blood including him too."
The second vampire said:'' That easy see mine.''
And off his go...
5 minute he came back full of blood on his face.
He said:'' do you see that village over there? I suck all the people blood that live on that village.''
The third vampire said:'' That easy, see mine.''
And off his fly....
5 second he came back full of blood on his body...
The 1st and 2nd vampire ask with surprise:''how u did it?''
The third vampire said:'' That easy, see the wall over there? You just bang into it."

Hahaha =D funny right? i like the vampire joke more haha =X

After school go canteen buy drink....Walk home with Ziyun....Then when at home i go bathe and now typing...Okay lah byebye =)

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