Sunday, May 30, 2010


Yesterday night...

Watch TV with mother...
Don't like that show..
don't know what is mean..
see until i blur blur LOL.


Wake up...
Eat noodles...
Eat chocolate biscuit...
Drink Milo...
i and brother colour Ben10...
Then watch TV...
Then eat dinner...
Mother cook de porridge..
Yummy =P
Then bathe...
eating curry puff while my sister playing audition with ZiYun.
Then later i play with Ziyun...
Then later i play with other people...
Meet a weird person...i think he want to banned me in audition...
I don't care..
as i still have another audition account...
Then now blog lor...
Tomorrow going school for band...
Meet with Claire tomorrow
walk to school together...
Wish i won't be late...xD
Now want off computer le...
Watching TV...
Then sleep with air-con on =)
Okay lah bye =)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Today =)

Hello everybody that read my blog...arrr...don't know what am i going to say...Okay lah say about today lor..although is 'a bit' boring...

Today wake up eat nasi lakma...
Then help my mother clean 3 rooms...
Then watch sister playing audition...
Then i play...
No one to play with so doing story mode....
Then later play with Shirley...
Then later back to my story mode...
Perfect shock me...
Then off my computer go watch la bi xiao xin =)
Then eat dinner....
Chicken rice =)
Then eat ice-cream =)
Then later bathing
Then accompany my mother to watch VCD
as i promised her.
Okay lah that all for now byebye =)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Wednesday and thursday and today =P

Sorry for not posting for such a long days...


History~ Become Geo....Then later history lor...Going through history test paper...Then found mistake on my test....Tell teacher...Teacher say cannot change mark le nevermind...Luckily that mark is my extra mark hahaha =) thank for the mistake =)

Literature~ file the paper lor...

CDP~ The prefect get scolded then we all write a letter and then fold into a shape then give to them...I give to Qiao Ling she also give me cos we just sit beside..It easy to pass hahaha =) actually we cheat de lor...

Science~ Another teacher come in then we discuss our science project lor....

Then Geo teacher come in scold our class for being noisy...Then we all stay back until 3pm then can go home...I bet many people sure say geo teacher very what but i think is our class very what lor cos he already give warning and they all just don't cooperate...



English~ we present lor....Damn what lor...I use all my voice say the words out they still say louder idiot...

GPE1~ playing duo bi qiu... Girls VS Boys then girls win hahaha =)

Recess~ eat and drink

HE~ will miss the teacher de....Then we all relax lor....

Math~ play games...but we end up chatting =P

Chinese~ she never come again WOOHOO free time =) But our ppe project group by teacher we liek damn damn DAMN ANGRY LOR...Idiotic... Group to the person we don't like WTF

Science~ Teacher angry cos of issac....Then become claira.....

Art~ they all playing games example: badminton, netball, basketball etc. I didn't play i help them take care of their things and then i is play handphone heehee =)

Reflection~ i wipe whiteboard with shuangX2 and table...teacher gives us chocolate xD Then take report book....can't believe i pass all subject and was top 10 in class ( i is ranking 7) and top 10 in NA level (i ranking 7 again) hahaha so damn happy then top 10 pupil all must go infront and then teacher capture photo of us =) then like that lor xD teacher give us chocolate too...and sweet xD

Then i saw Jianing at canteen so sit with her then she help me buy drink xD then later we go band....

Band~ Blow lor......Nothing funny...cockroach also lost....Claire got come =) then blow lor....although i and claire is main band liao but still cannot go national band concert...cos we no experience...actually we can go de lor...But all thank to the band BOSS idiotic...

HOME SWEET HOME =)(found out my chocolate melt my pocket like shit haiz...=X)

Holiday to me is a chamm period...haiz...many project...many many many....

Project have : PPE, Science, History and Geo , Geo , history. (luckily is group the person i want except PPE *angry*)

then holiday need go back to school almost everyday lah....For tuition and band (french horn =D)
But anyway we band have go out lah....we go cedar Girls secondary school and Go Esplanade heard AMK sec band lor

And lastly here is my MYE result =)

English= 65.6


Math= 74.7

Science= 70.8






Civics& Moral education= C

Music= A

ICT skill= A


class position = 7/41

Level position= 7/81

Okay lah bye =)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Tomorrow or maybe 2 days after i then post today what happen....cos now is night liao i very tired le....anyway sorry and good night =)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Excuse me, he is your son not your dog!!!

Yesterday & TodaY

Our handphone holder DNT =)
Sorry that i yesterday didn't blog....As i come back home quite late =P

Assembly~ copy my SA1 mark ( I will study harder as i don't like my mark cos of HISTORY)

English~ Presentation but not us...=P anyway our presentation haven over yet LOL !

GPE1~ running lor...

Recess~ Of course is eat lah...LOL

Math~ Study angle...Then we all say we need a rest, after June holiday then learn/study....

Literature~ Teacher quite unhappy =P....Then we do worksheet lor haiz....

Chinese~ Teacher didn't come haiz....But at least is our free period of time GREAT!!!~

Geo~ Teacher quite unhappy...But still okay lah...Watching video...His computer siao siao de...Volume suddenly no sound suddenly got sound...LOL....

Science~ Teacher want my handbook so give lor...Although is a ''little'' messy inside but anyway they are checking the target mark so no need worried...Haiz got 2 subject didn't reach teacher target...I so angry lor....idiot..

Assembly~ Wear school tie...I don't like...But anyway is last assembly and the principal is talking so bear with it =)

Then after You all should know that i have band...

Band~ Damn angry as Claire didn't come =( Chloe said she want take revenge as i last thursday didn't come....But i sick ma....She can't blame me!!! Anyway she don't know i sick...I think she thought i skip! Anyway i really angry with her...Chloe can come she also can but why she go home? LOL I don't know lah...Idiotic too she change her phone number did not tell me haiz....i was damn angry so i also don't know why that i suddenly can blow high note...Liang Hao tell me to cool down...He also say u can live without her but she can't live without u...He also tell me that she that time totally didn't talk unless he talk to her...When i listen this i was quite sad too...Rui Min also tell me that cool down....Then suddenly a clarinet senior suddenly shout when we look up we saw a flying cockroach AHHHH!!!~ then i was like scare lah...Then Rui min also say she scare....Then later the cockroach go inside to the air-con hole...we all shout EWWWW cos the hole is too small too SMALL the cockroach very large leh but he can in OMG!!!~ Then we all keep on like looking up....Scare mah...When the cockroach try to get out through the hole....But cannot le...HAHAHA!!!~ i was damn happy when the cockroach can't get out...I wish he just freeze in the air-con..LOL okay lah anyway nothing fun liao...


HE~ not bad..But the real teacher is going to come back le....Very soon de...June holiday she going to come back le....

Science~ Teacher keep our science file....Then we planning our science project ( again project=_=|||)

Recess~ Shirley keep on asking people who got write something negative about our science teacher....I sure don't have cos that day didn't come i don't know what happening....

Chinese~ Chinese didn't come again!!!~ FREE TIME!!!~ WOOHOO but we still got do chinese work lah...i only do 9 question hahaha!!~ don't know how do....( totally 50 question)

PPE~ copy notes

English~ presentation not us again...

ICT~ Yay play games rewujie!!!

Math~ doing angle work lor....Then pass up to teacher but i still got 1 page didn't do...

Music~ watch video, nice =)

Walk home with Ziyun, Lena, ShuangX2, Yolanda, Shirley.....Then they addicted to the bread key chain keep on changing money and then.......Zi yun is the lucky one...

Thank Yolanda that give me one keychain bread =)


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Haiz sian

Haiz...Tomorrow school fast sia...LOL

Life so sian....
why so sian??
I also don't know sia...LOL xD
Tomorrow have band sia... sian....
Today nothing much...
just wanna say yesterday night watch ghost VCD
very lame lah idiot...
see until i wanna fall asleep...
Today...Don't know what i doing...
Haiz...freak sia...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Today is kinda suck

This is the worm the orange colour de YUCKSz!!!~ When my mother say u see got worm i totally thrown my leaves and run away xD
This is the leaves that can be eaten =P we use a lot of energy and time make de
This is I and my Mother do de....The root and the soil YUCKSZ!!!~

This is the mother day present
I use straw and fold the heart =D
I thought Thursday i will go band de.....
I thought Friday i will go Vistarian road run de....
But i end up didn't go this 2 days alamak =_=|||
Once again i sick again...
What happened to me?
again this illness =_=|||
I swear...
Okay lah let say about Thursday...
Anyway i just keep on sleeping...
say about Friday
watch TV, eat...sleep....LOL
Then i 11:00pm go bathe then was like hair very wet
so yah
want to keep awake very easy
i play auditionxD
so i end up 3:30am go sleep lol
Then audition i level up le
level 15
the auditionsea thingy give me X2 den or exp (forgot le)
Then a hair
The hair to me is nice lah
But it only last for 7 days that mean 1 week
I will she bu de de
I sure will buy A-cash buy back de =)
Okay lah
Today i was totally fed up...
I was watching TV
plus i sick too
My mother ask me to help her......
LOL it just to make the vegetable lah
Take out the root...
But is totally disgusting lor
It full of soil
worm YUCK!!~
Then the soil really very what lor
some of them is hard soil then my hand some of the skin came out
LOL!!!!~ haiz....
But my mother also very pity lah
Bully by grandmother =P
They so guo fen!!!~
Okay i upload the picture let u all see!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today is Wednesday

Today is WEDNESDAY is half day =D
10:30am start school......

History~ Become Geo...haiz...always like that xi guan jiu hao =) When teacher want leave he said goodluck to yolanda...I think science teacher mood not good eh.

Literature~ Don't know why today teacher like very angry...

CDP~ take the CDP file home. So damn heavy =( Then really our science teacher scold the express science students for not doing well in their exam. Then we file our CDP file the paper.

Science~ Keep on copying other people book de answer aiya copy correction lah then pass up to teacher....Luckily my CDP file is not going to let principal see my Reflection book are going to let principal see LOL still same is it? =_=|||

Then later at canteen with Ting Ling and Cecilia. Then we all talk. Then later i and Ting Ling go LT room because we have chinese composition competition How we know at LT room there no people and the other LT room i think teachers are having meeting....LOL IN THE END IS AT HALL walao damn hot sia...But not that hot at least it rain so a little bit cooling. I saw Claire in the hall i was like damn shock. Because we didn't tell each other we have been chosen for this competition even we same CCA. Okay lah the title is yi ge mi mi. Okay lah then lastly


This is the lyrics for AI SHANG NI =D

Ai Shang Ni
Loving You

[Rap 1]
ru guo shuo zhe shi jie bu gou wan mei bu gou hao

如果说这世界 不够完美不够好

If this world seemingly is not perfect, not good enough

yi ding shi zai deng wo men qin shou gei ta bian de mei hao

一定是在等我们 亲手给它变得美好

It must be waiting for us to make it better ourselves

jiu xiang ai kan qi lai hui na me shao yi ding shi

就像爱 看起来 会那么少 一定是

Just like love, seemingly so scarce; it must be

zai deng wo men yi qi yong gan xun zhao yi qi zhao dao


Waiting for us to bravely seek it and find it together

yi pian pian luo ye wei kai chu ge hua yuan

一片片落叶 为开出个花园

Every falling leaf, in order to blossom into a garden

shou qian shou ai guo zheng ge dong tian


Endure the whole winter hand in hand

mei zhi hu die wei le fei wei le pian pian qi wu

每只蝴蝶 为了飞 为了翩翩起舞

Every butterfly, in order to fly, in order to flit and dance

xian zuo yi ge jian


Will first make a cocoon

zui mei hai an xian zong shi yao hen wan yan

最美海岸线 总是要很蜿蜒

The most beautiful coastlines are always those that are meandering
cai zu gou rang ren wang fan liu lian


Only that would be able to make one linger

ni de shen bian yao bu shi bi tian bian hai yao yuan

你的身边 要不是 比天边还遥远

If the place by your side was not further than reaching for the sky

yong qi zen me chu xian


How would my courage ever appear

dang wo zhong yu zhu jin ni de xin li fen xiang tong yi ge shi jie

当我终于住进你的心里 分享同一个世界

When I finally enter and stay in your heart, enjoying one world with you

shen hou cuo guo tong guo man zhang qing jie dou bian tian mei

身后错过痛过漫长情节 都变甜美

Then all the missing, pain and longing behind me turns into sweetness

zhi you wo le jie zhe xing fu gan jue


Only I understand this blissful feeling

mei de zhi de qu fu chu yi qie


Beautiful enough for me to pour out my all

neng gou yu jian ni ren shi ni xi huan ni ai shang ni

能够遇见你 认识你 喜欢你 爱上你

To be able to meet you, know you, like you, love you

gan xie wo mei di yan lei


I'm thankful for every tear I shed

zhi you ni ming bai wo you duo zhen gui


Only you understand how precious I am

hao de zhi de ni wei wo gai bian


That you would change for me

qing ni ji xu wen rou jiao huan wo can lan xiao rong yi tian yi tian

请你继续温柔交换我灿烂笑容 一天一天

Please continue exchanging my bright smiles with tenderness, day by day

dao yong yuan na yi tian


Till that day in eternity
[Rap 2]

Yeh ai shang ni you duo xing yun xiang shi tian shi de li wu

Yeh 爱上你有多幸运 像是天使的礼物

Yeah Loving you is so fortunate, like a present from an angel

wo men bu yao gu fu zhe xing fu yi ding yao geng jia xing fu

我们不要辜负这幸福 一定要更加幸福

Let us not let down this blissfulness, and be even more blissful

ru guo ai zhen de shi na me de shao wo men jiu

如果爱 真的是 那么的少 我们就

If love is really that scarce, then let us

yi qi shou hu wo men de lai bu yi de ai bu bei da rao

一起守护 我们得来不易的爱 不被打扰

Watch over together, the love that did not come easy to us, and not be distracted
[Repeat Verse]
dang ni zhong yu zou dao wo de mian qian


When you come up in front of me

wan cheng suo you de hua mian


Completing the whole image

jiu suan ku la suan tian chang guo yi bian


Even if I once tasted bitterness, sourness or sweetness

zhi sheng xi yue


Only happiness will remain
[Repeat Chorus]
xiang shi da yu guo hou qing lang de tian kuan kuo er yao yan

像是大雨过后晴朗的天 宽阔而耀眼

Just like the clear sky after a storm, wide and striking

mei ge li ming dou xu yao you ye cheng quan

每个黎明都 需要有夜成全

Every dawn needs the fulfillment of the night

wang hui kan mei dou yi ge quan


Looking back at every corner

mei yi tiao yu hui de qu xian


Every winding curve

dou shi wei ai shang ni bi xu liu de fu xian

都是为爱上你 必须留的伏线

Was a foreshadow for me to fall in love with you

zhi you wo le jie zhe xing fu gan jue


Only I understand this blissful feeling
mei de zhi de qu fu chu yi qie


Beautiful enough for me to pour out my all

neng gou yu jian ni ren shi ni xi huan ni ai shang ni

能够遇见你 认识 喜欢你 爱上你

To be able to meet you, know, like you, love you

gan xie wo mei di yan lei


I'm thankful for every tear I shed
zhi you ni ming bai wo you duo zhen gui


Only you understand how precious I am

hao de zhi de ni wei wo gai bian


That you would change for me

qing ni ji xu wen rou jiao huan wo can lan xiao rong yi tian yi tian

请你继续温柔交换我灿烂笑容 一天一天

Please continue exchanging my bright smiles with tenderness, day by day

dao yong yuan na yi tian


Till that day in eternity